03/12/2014 10:09 GMT | Updated 02/02/2015 05:59 GMT

Christmas Dating Advice for Singles

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There is nothing quite like the holiday season; the warmth of family, the delicious food, and the overall good cheer that's in the air. One way to quickly crush all of this holiday goodness is knowing you have to turn up to your family's big event without that holiday date in tow. You are going to be bombarded with questions about why you are still single and why you can't find someone, which can make it a very lonely time of year. Securing a date under so much pressure can be tough and spoil some of the Christmas magic.

Fortunately, as a leading Dating Coach I can tell you it's much easier that you probably imagine to find someone. In fact, I'd say it's the very best time for you to date as everyone is in a happy, open minded mood. Here is some of my dating expert advice that can help you easily find the perfect match for this Christmas and hopefully into the New Year.

Dress Well

It's the holiday season, which means that people are looking for an increased sense of self and attention to adherence to the season. If you're looking to contribute to the cheerful atmosphere and to attract some positive attention (especially the kind that is going to help you get a date) then make sure you always dress to look your best. Avoid frumpy clothing or unflattering outfits such as "hilarious" Christmas jumpers. Put some effort into what you're wearing, smile, and have an air of accessibility. Chances are, you'll soon start attracting potential suitors. The flattering outfit and positive attitude is something that people notice and it is going to make you seem so much more approachable.

Get Yourself Out There

There are many places to find a date and you should make sure you accept every party invitation that you get. As well as this, go out and about to find a date. Coffee shops and bistros see heightened traffic during the holidays with plenty of visitors looking for warmth, a cup of coffee, and maybe even a date. You've probably got some work to do, so find a nice shop in the area, grab a visible seat, and establish a work station that people will feel comfortable approaching. You also don't need to wait for someone to approach you. You can always strike up a conversation with the opposite sex. I always tell me dating coaching clients they should ask them what sort of hot chocolate they would recommend or what they are reading.

Establish Interest

If you've been lucky enough to secure a date, but are still in the early stages of dating during the holiday season, then you certainly have an opportunity on your hands. The Christmas season is the perfect time of year to give gifts. Giving a gift isn't only a kind thing to do, but it is also a nice way to let someone know that you are interested. When choosing a gift, you don't want to give something too fancy, but you also don't want to give a cheap gift card. Try to look for a gift that truly shows that you have genuine interest in the person by making sure the gift reflects your date's personality, interests, and taste. The most genuine types of presents that come from the heart are the best gifts.

Embrace Being Single

Dating during the holiday season doesn't need to be stressful or difficult. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being on your own. You don't need a dating expert to tell you that. If you don't meet anyone then don't worry -New Year is just around the corner and with it comes opportunities. In fact, the best dating sites and dating agencies always report January to be the busiest time of year. It's when everyone makes a new year's resolution to find a partner. You have so much to look forward to!