27/01/2014 10:23 GMT | Updated 29/03/2014 05:59 GMT

Food Tube Parties Like It's One-Year-Old - Live

Food Tube went live on Tuesday, taking over Jamie Oliver's Fifteen and throwing the party to end all parties, celebrating the channel's first anniversary.

All the gang were there, raising a glass to an awesome first year which saw Food Tube scoop more than 600,000 subscriptions, collaborate with some YouTube big hitters and pick up a clutch of awards.

Did you watch the Live Show? You can watch the whole thing, in its entirety right now. Just don't try to enter the competition. It's closed. We picked a winner. He was from Canada. You'll meet him on the next Live Show:

If you don't fancy tucking into the whole banquet at once, grab a snack-sized bite in the shape of VSauce and JacksGap getting to grips with a bit of food science. you won't believe your eyes:

If you're after a recipe then Jamie Oliver and DJ BBQ's mouthwatering party pasta dish will have you heading for the hob.

Jamie Oliver and DJ BBQ Spaghetti Von

Enough about us! It was Australia Day on Sunday and Jamie reached across the pond with a fair dinkum Aussie pie. Check it out - it's bonza:

If you missed any of these videos, don't get caught out again. Make sure you are subscribed to Food Tube.