22/10/2014 12:34 BST | Updated 22/12/2014 05:59 GMT

It's O-Fish-Al, Bart van Olphen Joins Food Tube!

We are delighted to welcome the fintasticBart van Olphen to the Food Tube family!

Just four months ago, Bart started The Shortest Cookery Show on Earth on instagram. Cramming exciting recipes, shot in striking locations (in the middle of the Wadden Sea, on a house-boat in Amsterdam, on an Alaskan ice-plain, in a fishing boat off the Maldives) into just 15-seconds - we're not squidding! To Bart's own amazement, the films became an instant hit, with a fan base of nearly 70,000 in a seeriously short space of time.

Now, every Fishy Friday, Bart will upload a brilliant full length recipe to his new You Tube channel - celebrating the beauty of the sea and promote sustainable fishing.

Bart had this to say: 'I am very proud that I'll be working with Jamie. For years past it's been my mission to convince people how nice it is and how much fun it is to work with fish! That is: sustainable fish! Jamie offers me a huge stage to carry out this message.'

Sorry if we're carping on a bit but here's a few of our favourite recipes so far...

One of world's best salmon is from the Yukon river in Alaska. The beautiful Yup'ik Eskimo community have lived there, in harmony with the land and the seas, for the past 10,000 years and are now working cooperatively with the only Fair Trade certified fishery in the world (Kwik Pak Fisheries). To celebrate this beautiful catch, Bart cooked up a Salmon Teriyaki!

Hooked yet? Check out Bart's visit to the fishing community of Grindavík in Iceland. At the windiest yet most beautiful of beaches, he prepares a pan fried haddock fillet with a sort-of-sauce Provençale and roughly mashed potatoes!

For this amazing crab cocktail, van Olphen visited the world famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle where the fish actually fly!

Finally, welcome to the beautiful Dutch Wadden Sea! On the cockle boat 'Harlingen 9', where the fishermen are sleeping, Bart'll make you a delicious carpaccio of grey mullet. Important: the fish must be damn fresh!

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