01/11/2013 13:18 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

The Twizzlers Are Back to Haunt Jamie Oliver

There have been spooky goings on a plenty at Food Tube HQ this week with Jamie Oliver getting his teeth into a gruesome recipe, a headless chef putting that left over pumpkin flesh to good use and the ghost of school dinners past making an appearance.

All that and the office has been making enough noise to wake the dead preparing for live show number four.

Count Oliver donned his cape and adopted a questionable accent to bring you a wicked Halloween recipe.

The man himself claims his Rocky Road Kill contains, "mouse scrotums" and "a couple of handfuls of snake brains" so you should be very afraid.

If that wasn't enough of a scream, Eat It cooked up a quick dish from Jamie's Fifteen Minute Meals. We wouldn't normally recommend letting a werewolf lose in your kitchen but this one makes a jolly good pumpkin pasta.

Jamie announced our awesome Live Show line-up on Wednesday. The theme may be turkey but nothing could be further from the truth on the guest front.

Food Tube favourites Gennaro Contaldo, DJ BBQ and KerryAnn will all be cooking up an amazing show. Special guests include River Cottage frontman Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Michael Stevens from Vsauce.

But that's not all! Monday night will see Jamie take on his 2005 nemesis. You thought it was all over but Turkey Twizzlers return to the ring for a final showdown.

Monday nights were made for this kind of ground breaking entertainment. Tune into the Live Show from 8.30pm (GMT) on 4 November and be prepared to find yourself on the edge of your seat.

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