hugh fearnley-whittingstall

"Every minute of every day a truckload of plastic is finding its way into the oceans."
But it's not all down to shoppers – supermarkets need to step up, too.
Everything Niklas Ekstedt cooks is flavoured with fire, but the Michelin-starred cuisine is a far cry from your average barbecue
Even Michelin star chefs have more to learn when it comes to food. In new HuffPost UK original series ‘The Chefs’ Chefs’, we
The campaign aims to make it easy for people to recycle their cups. Recycling bins will be placed in major offices, transport hubs and other public spaces. High street retailers will offer recycling facilities and street cleaners will be able to separate cups for recycling.
Education needs to account for some of the solution and food activists Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall are pushing the agenda by launching a War on Waste and bringing Wonky Veg to the fore. We need to re-define what is meant by waste or 'not fit for human consumption'.
'Supermarkets are deluded in terms of what people will and won't buy.'
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall slammed supermarkets for taking part in an “arms race in pursuit of appearance” when it comes