18/10/2013 13:11 BST | Updated 18/12/2013 05:12 GMT

Warning - Food Tube May Blow Your Mind

The weather has taken a turn for the rubbish so here at Food Tube HQ we're serving up some hearty dishes to give autumn a kick up the clouds.

If you thought the barbecue was just for the summer then think again. Where DJ BBQ comes from they grill al fresco all year round and he's been sharing his love of the smoker with us. This week he's showing you how to cook his favourite skirt steak from an old family recipe. Pink dress shirt optional.

Make no mis-steak (boom boom); this video contains a very convincing impression of a cow.

The gorgeous Chiappas dish up some instant gratification in the shape of a brand new 60 second pasta sauce - that's right 60 seconds! It takes roughly the same time to hit the hips but what is life without a little indulgence and as a cosy Sunday treat, it's ideal.

Michela and Emi Chiappa also unravel the mystery that is, why does pasta come in some many crazy shapes? If you don't know you farfalle from your penne then this one is for you as the ladies explain how to sauce match. And just in case you think you're an expert already, spag does not go with bol. Fact.

Strap yourselves in, if that lot hasn't already subverted your very idea of cooking then Gennaro is demonstrating a meal that could actually blow your mind. Strawberry risotto. That's right, not mushroom, not butternut squash, strawberry. The guy is a maverick.

And finally, we spread our digital wings even further this week and released our Instagram account into cyberspace. Follow us for behind the scenes pictures, arty plated up images and general food related eye candy.

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