30/10/2014 13:26 GMT | Updated 30/12/2014 05:59 GMT

Professor Green, In the Study, With the Silver Bullets

The popular rapper Professor Green recently confessed to me that he thinks he might be a WEREWOLF!! More on that later.

But first, with All Hallow's Eve this week, I thought there'd be no better time to sit down and think about my favourite monster. Vampires are all the rage, with teenage girls getting their kicks from the Twilight books and movies, and angst ridden boys getting something similar from the Underworld series. Mummies have also merited a series of so-so movies, and then there's other classics like Frankenstein's Monster and Godzilla.

My favourite, however, is the werewolf. There are different types of werewolf, of course - a wulver is a man with the head of a wolf, as opposed to the full transformation, and whilst some werewolves change by choice, others are cursed or have been attacked by another werewolf. Whatever the reason, they're brilliant, so here is a list of my five favourite lycanthropic movies.

Dog Soldiers

A group of soldiers in the Highlands get set upon by a pack of werewolves, like Aliens crossed with the Howling crossed with Night Of The Living Dead, equally gory and scary.

American Werewolf in London

Fantastic John Landis movie, which is both funny and terrifying, with a wonderfully dark ending and a fantastic wolf-chase through Piccadilly Circus. Oh, and Jenny Agutter in the shower.

Curse Of The Werewolf (1961)

Hammer Horror, tension, mood, Oliver Reed. Nuff said.

Ginger Snaps

A combination of teenage girls and werewolves made this one of my favourite werewolf films at the time (I was 15 when it was released), but now I'm much more grown up. That is why my favourite werewolf film is...

Teen Wolf

A film that teaches me that being a werewolf can mean universal acceptance of someone as shaggy as myself.


So there you have it. In a week where children will be dressing up as ghosts and ebola-nurses to parade around threatening you for sweets, now you know why any of them with a hairy face will get an extra chocolate finger from me. "But why have you chosen to tell us this, Jamie?" I hear you cry (literally).

Well, this all brings me back to the aforementioned hip hop academic and his lycanthropic concerns. Appearing as a guest on my Comedy Central UK series, instead of talking about his new album, he decided to tell me that he's worried he might be a werewolf.


So naturally I brought in Neighbours, Dr Karl Kennedy to get to the bottom of the claim, before reaching for the silver bullets. Find out the results of Dr Karl's diagnosis and his guide to spotting the symptoms of a werewolf by clicking play on the video below:

Fangs for reading.