Tools and Tips to Help Get You a More Active Lifestyle

It's not easy to start a routine of getting active as regular exercise requires some form of commitment and motivation. However, here are some ideas to make exercise or an active lifestyle more attainable.

It's not easy to start a routine of getting active as regular exercise requires some form of commitment and motivation. However, here are some ideas to make exercise or an active lifestyle more attainable.

Set out a regular time to commit to exercise

Block out some time in your diary every week dedicated for exercise and keep track of when you exercise to keep yourself motivated. You can start small and commit to a 30 minute session once a week. I'm pretty much a night owl so my exercise blocks are usually scheduled in the evenings when I get back home from the workday. However, when I started out, I committed to going to a certain class once a week to get that extra social motivation.

Have an impromptu exercise kit and gym bag on hand

My Waterfield Outback Duffel with double compartments

When your evening plans get cancelled, you might want an impromptu exercise session after work in order to avoid unproductivity. I always keep a spare set of workout clothes at the office along with a tote I can carry them on. Alternatively, get a double compartment bag like the Outback Duffel from Waterfield to house your belongings. I basically have this small double compartment bag in black which makes it suitable to carry around your work environment, while making it still fit in with the gym or class environment. The bag is pretty durable and can take the weight of my handbag's contents in one compartment plus my workout wear in the other. I also like its magnetic flaps which I use to house my glasses, pass and other loose items while working out. However, I primarily use this bag during weekends when I go to a class and have a social activity after so I don't have to carry 2 bags.

Get your hair out of your face

Your hair can be a mess when you exercise so place some hair ties, hair clips or hairbands in your workout kit. One of my favorite hair workout accessories is the Sweaty Betty Spiral Hair Toggle as it is very durable, compact and holds my hair the full way of the exercise. It's also made of plastic as opposed to normal hair ties which absorbs moisture and becomes really stinky after a few uses.

Get your shoelaces in order

My two trainers with Hickies

Double tie your shoelaces before you begin your workout to minimize accidents caused by untied shoelaces. Better yet, get some Hickies. Hickies are made of specially designed high grade elastic components which replaces traditional shoelaces and turns your shoes into slip-ons. Basically, you have to tie your shoes once (and I must admit that it took a good 30 minutes to get the tension right the first time) and then you never tie them again. I have to admit that I like the convenience of not worrying about my laces anymore. Bonus points for adding some rad color to my trainers. Although they don't have a physical store in the UK, there are various online retailers if you do a quick Google search. Tweet me if you can't find them.

Pamper yourself post-workout

If you have a favorite cleanser or body wash that refreshes you, you should use it post-workout as it is important that you engage in soothing your skin and muscles after your hard work. I have a preference for Pretty Athletic which is a 'no nasties' range tailored especially for pre-and post-workout use. I especially like their Cool Down Purifying Facial Cleanser as it calms down that post-workout tomato face of mine, I also apply their Perfect Balance Calming Facial Moisturiser as I love the scent. I am a big fan of products which use botanic ingredients and don't contain parabens. I would highly advise that whatever you choose to go with have a calming or relaxing effect on you as it makes such a difference.

Have a mobile workout

I would recommend that you have a 15-30 minute workout that you have with you when you travel or can't go to a physical class. This would make you less likely to miss workouts. My workout of choice for this is a Barre Technique 2 workout from Sleek Technique. It's basically a 25 minute standing workout which focuses on your lower body but activates your core. This works anywhere as all you need is a chair and your body. They also have a free 15-minute Barre workout on their site which also just needs minimal space and a chair. If you don't take to Barre well, find a workout that doesn't require a lot of equipment and space which you can memorize or access while on the go. This would make you less likely to excuse yourself from exercising when you're travelling.

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