28/12/2014 21:29 GMT | Updated 26/02/2015 05:59 GMT

Workout Wear You Should Invest in for 2015

After the holiday festivities, sales are pretty much everywhere. Also, the fitness nut in you might start to feel repressed following the multiple Christmas lunches and dinners. Here are some essential workout pieces that you might want to invest in.

Shirt with moisture wicking fabric

A good cardio or strength training workout would likely cause you to sweat. Therefore it is advisable to get a shirt with moisture-wicking material to keep you comfortable. During the winter months, sweat might cool or freeze on the skin if working outdoors, making you feel very cold. A cheap top (only 5 quid from Sports Shoes) that I would recommend is Mizuno's Race Women's Short Sleeve Running T-shirt which is quite thin and lightweight, but really comfortable for indoor exercise.

A decent sports bra (if you're a girl)

It can be quite useful to invest in a decent sports bra to keep your chest in place whilst doing all sorts of workouts. The type you would go for might differ depending on what your workout is, but I tend to go for the ones that are on sale, affordable and for medium-impact sports. Currently, I have a Nike Pro Victory Women's Support Sports Bra SP14, which is also made of moisture-wicking material.

Stretchy capri or shorts

Personally, I prefer capri to shorts since I have that extra layer of protection on my knees if I do exercises that require me to kneel down or be on all fours. However, if you get the stretchy material, you are more likely to be able to use it for most sports. I currently have Under Armour Sonic Women's Running Capri, which I can use for most cardio and mat-based exercises. The key is to get something that's stretchy, multi-purpose and is made of moisture-wicking fabric.

Running shoes and socks

Running shoes are almost always multi-purpose if you engage in medium-impact sports. Get the ones which are lightweight but still have decent cushioning and stability. I have Brooks Pureflow Women's Running Shoes and find them very comfortable as they provide just the right amount of cushioning. I also find that I tend to prefer shoes that are both functional and stylish. As for socks, I tend to go for the thicker ones which fit like a glove so I have Saucony Quarter Tech Running Socks.

Walking shoes

Decent walking shoes that function more like trainers are also useful to invest in as it would make you more likely to walk instead of taking the bus and use the stairs instead of the lifts. Since London is usually wet, I prefer those with thicker soles and less permeable parts so that my feet don't get wet when it rains. An example is Saucony's Grid Cohesion 4 Walking and Cross Training Shoes which again offer good cushioning. This also functions as spare gym or workout shoes.

To save on cost, try finding these products online. Sites such as Sports Shoes, Amazon or eBay are sure to have discounted areas where you'll be sure to find a bargain.