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It's Time to Be Utopian and Acknowledge the Quantum Shift

If you can think of your brain like a computer that you can programme in what you want to achieve - your world view will move to change with you. That's where science and spirituality can enhance each other. The beliefs we carry actually determine the life we live.

'One must make room in oneself for the immensities of the universe.' - Brian Swimme'

'We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.' - Anais Nin

The world order is changing and I believe we are truly in a Quantum Age but still relating to the world through Industrial Age notions and beliefs (please read my blog 'Meaning is the new money' - Jan. 30th 2013). From education to politics to business leaders - there are millions of people out there who want to effectively shift the consciousness of our globe and have begun to do so. However I believe we are suffering the birthing pains of of this new order and we need to unlearn much of what we have been taught. Just ask the Greek people.

The Greek crisis is a tragedy for the Greek people but I believe it is a painful new beginning for Greece and the European Union itself. The EU needs to reinvent itself and look with fresh eyes as to why it's not working - same size fits all is just unenlightened thinking. The politicians have become automatic and all too mechanical in the way they approach life and arrive at solutions. A new way of thinking with values and substance that lead to sustainable solutions is required. Removing corrupt leaders and bringing an end to the hypocrisy of proclaiming values and virtues we aren't actually embodying and pretending that's OK. Empathy and leadership are required for the purpose of inspiring and empowering peoples' lives. We are all connected to this universal energy - so what happens to one affects us all indirectly - time to acknowledge this quantum paradigm shift of energy!

The future of global business will belong to the right brain thinkers in this new conceptual age of quantum thinking where empathy and collaboration are key. Our education system is based on 'only matter is real' - that which ticks the boxes. We need to teach our children how to think and connect to the energy field. The universe is immaterial - it is mental and spiritual. Your thoughts create your reality and life. How you think is how it will show up for you. This quantum science was known 100 years ago but the medieval institutions held it back. Why - because it would make people too powerful and individual.

This life is an inside job - we have everything we need we just need to be aware of it. I truly believe that if you change your energy you can change your life. We are still taught today that the world view is based on fear not love. Once we unlearn this and to trust and believe we will be guided, it changes everything. Ask, take action, trust and believe you will be guided and then receive! I call it tapping into the universal energy that is available to us all because we are all connected to the source.

This new world order is transpiring into the far reaches of our society. From religion - a new Pope with a new broom; the Vatican Bank being exposed; Fifa and it's corrupt leadership; the EU and all it's troubles are very exposed and flawed with a new way of thinking needed to reinvent itself; Business Schools are realising that global capitalism is killing our planet - climate change, food production etc. - the students AND global elite are at the forefront of this change; the financial crisis has exposed huge flaws in the global system; politics - the UK Labour party in disarray - because the people vote on the person for leadership not the party. The media news has to change with it's horror and fear stories - people are turning off in droves there are too many alternatives to access information; Rupert Murdoch stepping down; changing our education system to educate our children to prepare them for this new quantum era. The placebo effect in medicine has shown that what we believe can literally have an impact on our bodies - so whatever you don't resolve in life, your body will do it for you! Think empowering thoughts because what you focus on expands and in the quantum worldview the observer effect is calling the shots! How empowering is that and doesn't it make you happy!!?

If you can think of your brain like a computer that you can programme in what you want to achieve - your world view will move to change with you. That's where science and spirituality can enhance each other. The beliefs we carry actually determine the life we live.

These are the 6 step processes you can use to improve your life:

1) Meditate and have peaceful moments so you can access this quantum mind power - even if it's just a walk in the park - so you can create space for this new way of thinking. Self analysis and reflection in quiet moments help heal ourselves.

2) Write down what you want to achieve and look at your goals every day and believe you can achieve them.

3) Change your daily routine - as Albert Einstein said 'the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again - you will still keep getting the same result!' Paradigms hold you back - change your paradigm.

4) Change your thoughts - repetition and relearning are needed so you can create a new reality for yourself.

5) Examine your beliefs - you can send a faulty vibration out to the universe through faulty subconscious thinking! So challenge your thinking and by choosing to think new thoughts you can change your reality.

6) Ditch the dream busters! Show them the way instead.

And remember whatever you have in your life right now is a perfect match for your current values and beliefs. So if you're not living your perfect life, make a shift in your consciousness today so you can create a life that you want and join the New Mainstream!


'The important thing is to create. Nothing else matters; creation is all.' - Pablo Picasso

'Not until we are lost, do we begin to understand ourselves.' - Thoreau

We've got everything we need - we just need to be aware of it.' - Napoleone Hill

'When you master your mind, you master your life.' - Dianne Collins

'The world is changed by your example. Not by your opinion.' - Paul Coelho