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'Manifesting is the Purpose of Existence' - Ursula Gestefeld

Manifestation is supposed to be effortless but we often get in the way of our own innate power to create. If we can train our minds to expect miracles then our experiences will radically change for the better. We just have to bust that resistance!

As I've mentioned in previous blogs, we are all vibrational energy and the more we can align our vibrational selves to the trust we have in that universal energy, the more our lives will flow with ease and grace.

When running my own multi-award winning film production business for 17 years, I realised early on that money and power were not enough. You need to create and manifest a life of wellbeing, wisdom and wonder. I believe the future of business today is doing good and making money simultaneously. Enjoying the life we've worked so hard to create is not a luxury. It is essential to our well-being and vibrational mindset.

So how do we do this?

This is what I believe works.

The real work is an inside job. Abundance consciousness needs to grow first before you'll manifest more abundance, so the more I worked on myself and my mindset the more successful I became. However, this is a continuing daily practice.

Manifesting this way can appear to be a little too passive, but it really is the essential part of the deal. This does not mean you don't take action as well, but working on your inner game first will take you to where you want to be more quickly. It's important to remember how much power we actually do have. Instead of imagining the worst outcome - imagine the best! We need to change the inner narrative and use it to build kindness and compassion for ourselves and others.

Manifesting is creating the experience you want to feel and living and allowing that experience to come into form. It is a very creative process using imagination, visualizations, and powerful vibrational energy. By believing and allowing that experience to come into fruition you co-create with the universal energy around you. Here are four ideas that have helped me:

  1. Get very clear on what you want to create. Without clarity you may manifest something you do not want.
  2. Work on releasing any limiting beliefs you may have that block what you want to manifest. Work on believing in yourself daily and release all the limiting beliefs you may be holding on to. Recognize that some inner beliefs can be a limiting story you are telling yourself and understand that it does not have to be the truth! Once you get clear on what is blocking you the universe will rise up to help heal your limiting beliefs. Don't allow your outside world to dictate your inner condition. The outside world will reflect your inner condition. Change the story with affirmations and visualizations.
  3. Believe and understand that the universe has your back. You will then create and allow what it feels like to be in your manifestation. Believe in your abundance - hold the energy and allow the outside world to reflect that amazing positive energy inside. Having gratitude for everything you do have right now will help manifest this positive vibrational energy too.
  4. Be patient and trust. Once we trust it changes everything. A Part X quote from A Course in Miracles is 'Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.' Fear and anxiety will block your manifestation so learn to trust that what you want is on its way.

Happy manifesting!


'Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.' - Denis Waitley