02/08/2016 09:48 BST | Updated 03/08/2017 06:12 BST

We Took Pokemon Go to a Refugee Camp - This Is What Happened

Pokemon Go has swept across the world in the last few weeks, so we took it to Calais to play it with our friends there...

This experience highlighted three things to us:

First, we are all human. We have the same basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and safety. We have dreams, ambitions and hobbies. We like to have fun, to enjoy ourselves. We are all the same.

Second, the amount of attention this game is getting is mind blowing. This humanitarian crisis is often forgotten by the mainstream media, but the people caught up in it cannot forget.

Finally... how is it, that Pikachu and Bulbasaur can cross borders so easily, yet a refugee, a person, when they need to, cannot?

Check out our film of Pokemon Go in a refugee camp here and please share it.

Thank you so much to:

Megan Majd and Jessica Johnson for starting (and continuing) the journey

Finlay O'Hara for shooting this

Joe Watson and Aryven Fizionist Arasen for the idea

Paul Bryan and Liam Bream for the amazing edit

Nils O'Hara for producinng

Levi Lomey, Nadia Fourie, Ryan Frame and our pals in Calais for your guest appearances

And everyone else who made this little film happen!