Home secretary Suella Braverman called some of the migrants "Albanian criminals".
In a new campaign video, Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson and Sylvester Stallone join forces in opposition to the Nationality and Borders Bill.
This is how the government's Homes for Ukraine programme works.
"Passing the buck really doesn't work," Chris Bryant said to the foreign secretary in an excruciating exchange.
"Why are war refugees a ‘security risk’ but Russian oligarchs in the House of Lords are not?"
“Make of that what you will,” Burley concluded after James Cleverly dropped off air.
Nadim Uddin grew up in Bangladesh, but realising he was gay, felt that he couldn’t lead the life he wanted in the country. He came to Britain to study, finding a society that let him express himself and be who he wanted to be, leading to him seeking asylum to live the life he never felt possible.
"This is fundamentally about providing safe accommodation to individuals fleeing desperate circumstances."
The asylum system leaves you so disappointed and depressed, you know you can do so much in life, you can offer a lot to the world