Nadim Uddin grew up in Bangladesh, but realising he was gay, felt that he couldn’t lead the life he wanted in the country. He came to Britain to study, finding a society that let him express himself and be who he wanted to be, leading to him seeking asylum to live the life he never felt possible.
"This is fundamentally about providing safe accommodation to individuals fleeing desperate circumstances."
The asylum system leaves you so disappointed and depressed, you know you can do so much in life, you can offer a lot to the world
'If we were going to take in any for a fast-tracked programme, we’d take in Rohingyans or Syrians.'
I am stigmatised and not allowed to integrate into British society because of my immigration status
There may be two main problems. The first problem centres around the designation of the refugee status and the second, the designation of who is particularly vulnerable and resettling based on this consideration. Religious minorities struggle to be recognised under either.
Fundamentally, unless the root causes are tackled, we will not succeed in our goal of averting this global crisis. EAA Foundation delivers education to the world's most marginalized children- but with this group growing at an alarming rate, world leaders must do more to ensure peace and sustainable human development. For the sake of our future, we call on world leaders to leave a legacy worthy of our children.
At the point where so many seek a new life, for too many it marks the end of theirs - surely a toll too high to pay.
life less ordinary banner It was the day I learnt that the feeling of a farewell cloaked in the shadow of death was worst than the finality of a loved one's funeral. The pain in my body in that moment far surpassed what I'd felt just nine months prior at my father's funeral. So I did not, could not, say bye when we drove away.