09/11/2016 08:33 GMT | Updated 10/11/2017 05:12 GMT

A Rough Guide To Surviving Trump's Election


To My Fellow Americans:

A Rough Guide to Surviving the Shock of Trumps Election

Dear Fellow Americans,

I know how you are feeling and trust me I am with you in shock. But having the displeasure of waking up to a 'No' Vote for Scottish Indepence in 2014 and again to Brexit on June 23rd I might just be able to share to share with you a few tips to trying to remain calm when everything in your world view just imploded.

Firstly, be kind and patient with yourself and with others. Shock is very tough on the human nervous system. You walk around dazed with that otherworldly sensation not sure what to do with yourself. Whatever you do, don't lash out at anyone or look to affix blame for your disappointment. Something has happened that you really didn't expect and it will take some time to understand why it happened and why you didn't see it coming.

Try very hard to reach outside of yourself and check in with other people, particularly those who have every right to feel increased concern for their safety or security. Check in with that neighbour co-worker or friend. Ironically the best salve for your own anxiety is reaching out to lend support to others.

Don't indulge in panic or catastrophizing the situation. Regardless of what just happened and what your fears might be, you have to have faith in yourself and your country that you have the capacity to cope.

Do something to right a wrong. Feeling powerless is paralysing so turn your negative energy positive action. The good people at Standing Rock desperately need all our help right now and are being beaten, maced and arrested to fight for your clean water. Do whatever you can to lend those who have suffered the most to undo this horrific injustice. You will be saving yourself and your shattered notion of cause and effect at the same time.

Get involved in whatever way you can. So, you thought someone else was going to keep your status quo for you? Well, welcome to reality. It may not seem too sexy but you have to do more than watch the news, read the headline and argue at Thanksgiving. You, me, we ALL need to go out and become actually involved in the running of our towns, cities and country. Yes, it will involve a lot of boring meetings with bad coffee and worse lighting, but if you can find multiple hours every week for exercise and entertainment, you can find a few to provide some education and experience to contribute to your community and your country.

I will not promise you that everything will be alright and I will not say that your fear and shock is not legitimate. But reach inside of yourself, help someone else, become more accountable for what happens in your world , and you will be surprised at the unexpected outcomes.

It is tough America, but so are you.