08/09/2016 07:30 BST | Updated 07/09/2017 06:12 BST

Sixth Form Stress

My first year of sixth form has kicked off into full swing and it has knocked me for six, quite literally. I have never been overwhelmed by something in my life as much as this. Like a volta in a Shakespearean sonnet, this is a dramatic turn and I've only experienced one day of the dreaded sixth form. I say dreaded like it's a bad thing; it's really not. The only thing dreaded about it really was walking into such a small, compact space and being surrounded by all these people, some I had previously known from my GCSE years and some new faces. Instead of appearing outgoing and putting on a brave face like I usually do for each day when faced with a big crowd of people, I visibly looked terrified by my surroundings and the daunting task of what the next 2 years would have in store for me loomed.

In all of my years at secondary school, which I had opted to stay at for sixth form rather than find a college, I had not once showed any sign of being genuinely afraid of the task ahead. Sure the thoughts of what's ahead have plagued me but I've never been the kind to let my guard down and lose my facade of this strong, outgoing personality. Once I had lost the facade I was a nervous wreck, completely terrified of everything that was slowly unfolding around me. The pace of the events unfolding around me had mentally intensified for me after my HOY (Head of Year) had explained that the second year of sixth form would last a mere 8 months, maybe less. After the assembly where every aspect about sixth form was reiterated at least 7 times, the day mellowed out but I took it upon myself to put my name forward to be a volunteer librarian for the school's library as it has been grossly neglected; basically it's a ghost town. I don't know what made me come up with the idea but there's no going back now and I'm keen to occupy myself with something else that's extra-curricular apart from blogging on the side.

My life isn't getting any less hectic and now with the inclusion of sixth form to juggle with therapist and psychiatrist appointments with CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) it isn't looking great for me. Still though I suppose that in a sense, I am in the best place to cope with my mounting stress levels; which reminds me, I still need to figure out a way to repair my roof. My next roadblock to tackle is the lessons that come with the A Level courses I selected; those courses would be History, Religious Education, English Literature and Core Maths. I am curious to discover what this whole Core Maths malarkey is actually about as I had only been informed briefly regarding the ins and outs of the subject. I sit here now considering what my lessons will be like at the time I write this entry whilst I also mull over how my back to back CAMHS appointments should go tomorrow as at the time of writing it is still 06/09/2016.

I would also like to take this time here to wish all those embarking on their latest journey through education the very best and also wish them well when the dreaded A Level results day rolls around and believe me it's seriously not that far away. Those who may have opted for a different career path, I also wish you luck. Only time will tell how this conspicuous nightmare will pan out over the coming months but I firmly believe it will shape out our future landscapes for life.