The Diary of a Frustrated Interview (VIDEO)

Follow 'Jide Kanni' on his experimental job application process.

Job Interviews can be quite an interesting experience at times but in this scenario, everything about this job interview is just wrong. Follow 'Jide Kanni' on his experimental job application process. "The Diary of a Frustrated Interview", this series is "an experimental comedy sketch created by FiveFourMedia and Lagos Central Productions. It's a satirical look at how our extremely 'busy friends' in HR handle job applications and interviews. This first season follows the quest of a job applicant 'Jide Kanni' and his ordeal through a series of five highly depressing Interviews.

The Diary of a Frustrated Interview was written and produced by MTV Africa Music Award Winner Jide Rotilu and his brother Bayo Rotilu, founder of Twelve05Photography. The series is a spoof of Human Resources and their 'mis-practices'.

Jide loves experimental skits and comedy sketches with various influences ranging from 'Saturday Night Live' sketches to 'Family Guy'. He writes as a hobby and founded Lagos Central as an informal satirical writing hub and FiveFourMedia as the Creative Technologies and Production outlet. Over the past decade he has worked on other shorter skits including 'O'Jonah Twist', 'Aunty Chidinma, where's my Breast Milk?', 'Kini big deal spoof'. Jide is NOT really a fan of HR Departments and this video was inspired by a couple of his job applications around the World.

Debayo Rotilu is that fun loving guy who enjoys living life to the fullest. He's got a background in Computing and Project Management and he is the Founder and the Senior Photographer at Twelve05 Photography. He's also not a fan of the HR departmental tactics and decided to join the movement with his brother to produce the 'Diary of a Frustrated Interview' series and send a broader and more serious underlying message on the corrupt practices inherent in 'HR' departments worldwide.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


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