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Lessons Within Nature

A gamut of life lessons are embedded within nature. What we as mortal flesh take for granted has the secrets to most of life's challenges. My inspiration and focus of this topic is from a garden, a nice beautiful garden.

A gamut of life lessons are embedded within nature. What we as mortal flesh take for granted has the secrets to most of life's challenges. My inspiration and focus of this topic is from a garden, a nice beautiful garden. Firstly the garden didn't start out beautiful and so also did many other things in life. It started out as an empty land mass or a land mass festered with all forms of weed. The land was empty and the garden tenderer went through a process of planting a seed in his head which plotted out a full garden or a garden in phases. He saw an expected end in his mind and began to call into existence what was not seen. He could see it with his eyes closed and desired to also see it physically. He got rid of the weed and cultivated the land mass. Transplanted various soil types, fertilizers and more to prepare for what he saw. He got his various seeds.

Each seed literally has to die before it can be alive again. Each one of the seeds preprogrammed to collaborate and work as a team with the environment in which it finds itself. Not all environments would collaborate with the seed. Hence your calling in life must be discovered. Each seed has a potential but as long as the right environment is not cultivated, the potential just remains a dream. It would be a 'could-have-been'. The death of the seed is the beginning of a new life. He buries his seeds. He tries to bury them all and some seeds fell in the lose crimp collar of the shovel. He buries the seed with the images of his garden, with the appreciation of the process it would take to see his garden. Each seed buried was Faith coming alive. You don't just bury seeds without any expectation. You bury them because you have a faith that something more is coming and there is hope that an existence that does not exist is on the way to exist.

It is the expectation of the future that makes you water the areas where the seeds laid and to ensure there is an adequate avenue for sunlight to shine on those areas. Watering the seeds thereby feeding it and building up the spirit of responsibility within you. At the same time this is happening, all forms of weeds are growing and grooming themselves. Their grooming requires nutrients. The nutrients you wanted your precious seeds to have are being forcefully appropriated to nourish weeds. The soil cannot reject to nourish the weeds, its nature is good and it gives. It sees no wrongs and pretty much does not argue with anything. The soil can represent your subconscious mind. It tries its best to make do with everything impressed on it, to nourish everything impressed on it whether good or bad. Your conscious mind however steers the ship and tries to rationalize everything. Your conscious mind needs to be disciplined. Only discipline would allow you to pluck out the weeds that just appear in your soil. After a few days of continuous feeding of the soil, the weeds return. No form of discipline is a one-time process. For discipline to be effective it needs to have consistency and never end. Once it ends, the weeds take over. The weeds take over by first diminishing the resources real seeds/ideas need and then multiplying faster than real valid ideas would.

As your disciplining process is going on, the seeds are germinating into something spectacular. Its perfect collaboration and team working skills with every other element of nature has made it into what it is now. Your tree is up, the transplanted stocks have germinated into something nice but its not there yet. You can still see where you are going to. You never lost faith and your hope was never dashed that's why you kept going back to water that plant and tendered the garden to be. Team work kept running its course and the disciplining of the soil ensured the hope did not disappear. Once the tree is up and starts fruiting, another fantastic attribute begins. Resources are then allocated. The roots understand the fruits require various resources and these are taken into account. It plans to allocate resources effectively. If Governments can budget based on this analogy we wouldn't be having budgetary impasses. Each fruits prayer may read something like this 'Poverty nor riches give me. Please just give me what is needful'. That's what each fruit prays to get from its root. Not too much, not too little, just the right fit. The root already understands what each fruit requires and in the instance where more nutrients are required, the fruit would communicate to the roots. No fruit starves as long as they remain connected to the root. There is no chaos, there are no strikes, it is an always on connection. A breeding ground created by discipline for the ultimate goal of each fruit giving value to the external influence and giving life to a new generation. Giving, that's how each of us can change the world. While all this is going on, each root (the command center) of the tree is also in communication with other elements of nature and negotiating resources. Even after the right seed and the right soil has been cultivated, the right season is still required for utmost germination. Once each fruit has gotten its desired nutrients and grown to maturity, the roots leave ample time for external influence to pluck the fruits. Once this influence does not come in, the roots would never waste resources by overfeeding the fruits, they then fall to the ground (not too far away from the tree).

Some fruits may fall prematurely (June drops), but the roots has already apportioned a cushion to cater for such losses. There are some fruits that would be attacked before maturity, these attacks were not programmed in the anatomy of the seeds but the seeds are prepared for it by programming an overage per season. Some influences are beyond our control but what matters is our response to them. Once the fruits fall, the faint hearted people label it damaged goods. The roots does not name the fruit damaged. No matter what, it still tries to feed it and heal it. It doesn't judge nor condemn the fruit, it still tries to feed it. No matter how 'damaged' it seems, there is still a future that can be fueled by the same hope and faith that propelled the development of the garden in the first place. Once the seed dies, it lives again. There is always a silver lining. As the trees grow, it is looking forward, looking ahead and isn't the one to reminisce about the past. If it was focused on the past it won't be able to allocate resources effectively or do any of its functions well. One thing the tree knows is to forget all that lies behind and to strain forward to what lies ahead.

He understood everything in life is a process. No seed bears fruit within a day. It goes through a process. A process that began with the first seed in your head. Each seed good or bad has the potential to germinate in the soil of your mind. And the subconscious would take it easily and provide resources for the germination. At the instance a wrong seed gets into your conscious, you have every power and responsibility to kick it out. If not, it would germinate, camouflage itself as a member of the team, drain resources that would have gone to good ideas and at the end you just become a den of bad fruits. He understood Nature abhors waste and without teamwork, major success or giant strides are impossible.

He understood whatever you sow you shall reap. He didn't sow an orange seed and expected to reap Paw-paw. So also, you can't sow bad thoughts and expect to reap good ones. Its principles of nature. Everything has a language you can actually listen to if you pay adept attention to it. Listening beyond your five conscious senses and tapping into the power of your subconscious. The flowers are speaking at a frequency with a universal language and they are telling you if I can be dressed so beautifully like this, don't you know you are much more precious to God. There is an infinite wisdom that everyone connected enjoys. Part of that wisdom is what makes pollination possible. The bees are there for food and the wind is just traversing going somewhere else, but in that split process, pollination is occurring. The soul of the universe is working in line for the good of all and that soul also resides within you. It's a journey to find it, a process.

Whether you are a man of faith or not, the lessons from nature once imbibed in your daily life has the power to totally transform you and your generations. Choose life that you may succeed. Weeds would keep growing in the garden until constant discipline is imbibed. Success is impossible without discipline. It makes small numbers formidable and procures strength for the weak. It takes an effort to make anything good. The foundation of that effort must be rooted in discipline.

The seeds in the crimp collar of the shovel are still in the hole of that shovel.

Potentials mean nothing if not used.

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