The past year has taught me to never to give up. When there is nothing but darkness, HOPE is a guiding light - words to live by I think
My taxi driver last week explained to me how he saw it: robots will take our jobs, teach each other and then rise up against us. Nice. Also the plot to Terminator. Whilst I laugh, I also recently visited a 'dark factory'.
Over-saturation with news is detrimental to our emotional health. If you read the newspaper or check Twitter in the morning, let that be enough. You don't need to turn on the TV or radio too, especially before bed. Anything you missed will be there tomorrow. Be very careful with how much news you let your children absorb also.
Richard Curtis once wrote that, 'love is everywhere', and none more so than at the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. I disagree. You'll find more love in my local chemo unit, but it's a different sort of love. It's deeper somehow. More evolved. Tinged with sadness but always driven by an overriding sense of hope.
As a teenager I suffered terribly with anorexia and was sectioned into an adult psychiatric unit to keep me alive. By the time I was 20 years old I was ready to be integrated into society via a rehab unit as I had lost all my social skills.
Regrets are human, we all have them. If not managed carefully, regrets can cause self-loathing, anxiety and depression. What to do, when we struggle with regrets?
Now I am a middle aged fool reconnecting with my dreams. I am still misunderstood and judged, but that's ok. I can cope with that. And I am hoping to live long enough to become an old fool with a heart full of passion.
Imagine a community in the Global South, perhaps a group of informal workers in an urban slum, or a group of subsistence
The thing about hell is, everyone has their own idea of what it might be like. I should probably insert a reference to Dante
Earlier this year I turned 42. It was also the thirteenth anniversary of my mum's death and a beautiful full moon. I'm sharing this information as lots of things have collided in my life this week and the overall linking thread between them all has been the power of hope.