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Aren't We All Judgemental?

Opinions and judgements are normal and help us to process information. Say what you want to your close friends and family, we all bitch and moan. Don't feel guilty or apologise for having an opinion.

Anyone that follows my blogs will know that this is one of my reoccurring themes, there's always a bigger picture. What I mean is, there's always something you don't know about any given situation and more often than not a lot of things you don't know about a given situation.

I was called a "judgemental cow" by somebody simply because I write a blog and express my opinions. A blog that if anyone reads it, has made a choice to read so you can't be mad about it. I'm not preaching in the streets or hosting Loose Women, I'm expressing my thoughts to people that like me or are interested in my life and opinions. The person that said that about me, intended it as an insult but I actually found it quite inspiring. First of all, do you not understand that by calling somebody judgemental you are in fact.... Judging them? Secondly, it made me think, aren't we all judgemental? So actually what you just called me is, normal! I always I thought I was a bit abnormal so thanks.

I realised that I have judged people. I'm not ashamed to admit it. Here's some examples:

Snotty Kids.

Before I had a baby, I'd look at snot faced kids and think, "Don't their parent give a shit about them?" It's bordering on neglect letting your kids go around covered in snot. Then I had a baby.... I do care about my baby and I don't neglect him, but oh my god it's a drama trying to get snot and dried porridge off his face. He hates me for it. Sometimes I do just think, he'll be happier if I leave him snotty! It's easy to look at a situation having no idea what it is like to actually be in that situation and it's even easier to have an ill-informed, unintelligent opinion.

Children in Nappies.

I made a judgement about somebody whose child was still in nappies and he was about 4. I thought the mother was lazy or just didn't understand that this is too old to be in nappies. Then I found out from a mutual friend that he was born with serious complications and underwent a series of operations and is now classed as special needs. I felt really guilty to say the least. It did reinforce, there's always a bigger picture.

The Girl in the Highchair.

We went out for dinner the other day and on the table next to us, the mother put her little girl in a highchair. The girls feet were nearly touching the floor, it's a wonder she didn't get stuck. My partner whispered to me, "isn't she a bit big for that?" I was thinking the same thing but I said, "ssshhh" simply because we don't know why she did that. She might just be stupid, or there might actually be something that has nothing to do with us. Maybe she fell off a chair when she was a baby and now she's overprotective.

The point is, we don't know everything. We can't know everything. Yet, we all judge, if you think about it, judging is the same as having an opinion. Every harps on about, "I'm entitled to my opinion." Yes we are, therefore we're entitled to judge. Issues arise with judgements or opinions when you feel it's necessary to turn nasty over something you don't agree with. I think a good rule is, if you swear at somebody, you've taken it over the line.

You know when you log onto Twitter or Facbook and see the trolls are out again, just throwing horrible insults at people they have never met, personally I think that's a step too far. I think too much so I try not to get too mad and I think I don't know what their bigger picture is and what has happened in their life to make them love a drama. Whatever has happened, I don't think there is a justification for calling a baby ugly or calling someone you've never met a shit mum.

Judgement is ok, we all do it because sometimes we see things that do not align with our beliefs and therefore we judge, if only for a split second. We judge. Acting upon our judgement is where the problems arise.

My opinions about snotty kid, nappy boy and highchair girl are perfectly fine. My opinion doesn't cause any harm whatsoever. I would be creating a problem if I took a picture of snotty kid and put it on my blog, or updated my Facebook status knowing full well that nappy boys mum might see it and wonder if my passive aggressive pointless rant is aimed at her. Or if I'd actually said to highchair girls mum, "Oohh she's a bit big for that!" Leaving her wondering if she's doing something wrong and why did 'cute baby's mum' (that's what a stranger can call me!) feel the need to say that?

My life has led to my decisions, my whole life. Not just my life as a Mum. Nobody can possibly know everything and so nobody can be certain that their judgement is correct. Ollie has had his teeth (gums) brushed since he was 5 months old because I have a complex about my teeth. I know it's silly but that's just where my life has taken me.

Don't be nasty just because you don't understand. Or even worse, because if you had kids you wouldn't let them do that.

Opinions and judgements are normal and help us to process information. Say what you want to your close friends and family, we all bitch and moan. Don't feel guilty or apologise for having an opinion. Please just think before you act upon your judgements because unless you know everything about that person and situation, you will probably just come across as nasty, rude, attention seeking and extremely insecure.

So mothers, feel free to judge, it's fine and normal and can often give you inspiration even if it's on how not to do things. You don't need to rant to the world about that mother.

There's that mother with the mega cute baby. What a cow, she writes a blog!