09/05/2012 18:28 BST | Updated 09/07/2012 06:12 BST

Innovations That Inspire Me

When you're talking innovations, tech and a few gadgets in particular, have woven their way into my life and continue to impresses me more and more on a daily basis. Here's how...

Recently, I've thrown myself into the 'cloud', so all 56,000 of our family photos - images that document my entire life with my children - are ready to be plucked as and when I want to view them, on my TV or computer screen.

I lie in bed at night like a photo junkie, telling myself, "I'll just look at ten more photos, then I really must sleep". And pretty soon, ten becomes 20... 20 becomes 100 and I wake in the morning with a monster photographic hangover. It simply blows my mind that these memories stored in the ether can magically reappear in my life and bring such joy.

It's not just pictures, but sounds too. Playlists that I made years ago on my first laptop have now reappeared and are available to listen to on all of my devices. This is invaluable not just to someone who works in the music business, but any music lover. And when it comes to DJing, technology has made life so much easier. Instead of carting CDs or records to a venue, I can just turn up with my laptop, plug in and play.

Tablets have, I think, already surpassed most people's expectations and my iPad is the gadget I love the most. I can see my kids when I'm away and miss them, listen to the music I love, order the weekly shopping wherever I am. I can also download magazines and books, play anything from Draw Something to Family Fortunes and catch up on all the TV and films I never get time to watch at home, but can now enjoy on my daily commute. (Riggins... Friday Night Lights fans!)

However, where the tablet is a truly great innovation, is in its impact on the lives of the very young and those with special needs. My sister has learning disabilities and when we got her an iPad, I thought it might have a novelty factor for a short time. The fact is it gives her such great joy. The size of the screen is perfect for her to take photos and videos of people she loves, and the touchscreen is simple and responsive, so she can play games that entertain and stimulate her brain.

My daughter is three and she's already a demon at Angry Birds and Peppa Pig's party, but is also learning how to spell and add up and be creative in a way that is unique to her generation. And it feels like this is only the beginning: these devices have revolutionised my world. Who knows what life-changing innovations my daughter's generation will see in their time?