05/08/2015 16:34 BST | Updated 05/08/2016 06:59 BST

Spark Something Good

Getting your hands dirty feels good. There's nothing better than really getting stuck into something and seeing the results. It works for sorting out your garden, doing some DIY, clearing the loft - but just imagine if whatever you got stuck into also managed to change someone's life. Just imagine.

We all spend our lives wanting to be better and more fulfilled versions of ourselves. The secret, I've learnt, is very simple - the key to happiness is kindness. And while helping someone out feels good, helping someone out in your local community feels great.

I'm not the only one who believes it. Currently around 40% of us volunteer each year, and even more want to, but don't know how to go about it. But the need for us all to get involved in local causes, be it through time or money, has never been greater.

Lots of people want to support local charities, give hands-on help and see lives being changed.

More people than ever before are coming up with incredible ideas to bring about real change and are desperate to put their skills to good use in their communities. And often, when it comes to making those ideas a reality, a huge barrier is simply not having enough manpower.

But this isn't just about today or even tomorrow. It's about the cumulative effect of people giving back to their community over time. We want to make people happy and spark a relay of good deeds across the nation. The potential is simply enormous.

So last week (29 July) I rolled up my sleeves, picked up a paintbrush and transformed a rooftop in Central London into a magical space for a bunch of kids I'd never met - all for the launch of Marks & Spencer's new initiative, Spark Something Good.

The campaign aims to inspire and motivate people to muck in and help out with local causes that desperately need a few more hands on deck to make their dreams a reality. So now I'm hoping you're all going to follow me, too. Not on the rooftop - it wasn't that big - but in transforming the lives around you. So come on, join us and help Spark Something Good.