10/01/2017 11:28 GMT | Updated 11/01/2018 05:12 GMT

Seven Life Lessons To Teach Your Children


Photo by Jodie Andrews

Surround yourself with good people

When you surround yourself with the wrong people, they can bring out the worst in you. If you stay true to yourself and keep negative peers out of your life then you will feel good. If someone makes you do things you feel uncomfortable doing, or is constantly being mean about other people, then they are not the type of person you want to associate yourself with. Sometimes the personality of others can rub of on ourselves, surround yourself with good people, real friends and positivity. You will shine.

The true key to happiness is to be grateful for what you already have

Be grateful for what you have. Yes, it's only natural to want more from life, but consider the basics. You are happy and healthy, you have a roof over your head, food on your plate and you are surrounded by love. Not everyone is quite as lucky. Find the joy in little things. Go for walks without your mobile phone. Just simply take in your surroundings. The sky, the ground. Maybe we live near a beach, maybe we live next to mountains. Maybe we live in a city. Either way, trust me.. you are lucky. Be grateful.

Think "Will this problem matter a year from now?"

When life is hard and you're heading through a terribly rough patch, ask yourself that question. Will this problem really matter a year from now? The likelihood is that it won't matter. The probability that it will matter is pretty low. Life has a magical way of sorting itself out. What may seem like a horrible weight on your shoulder today, may be lifted a week down the line. Problems feel a lot worse when you're in the moment. Usually there's a solution and with friends and family that love you, you will be okay. You will always be okay.

Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas

Be creative, discuss ideas. Don't talk about people. Gossip isn't fun - nothing comes from it apart from hurt. You won't go to bed feeling better about yourself after speaking horribly about somebody else. There are some really horrible individuals in this world, but why waste your time talking about them? Talk about the world, your life, your ideas, your plans and your creations. Please, don't waste your time talking of others. It won't get you far, and my girl, you will go far.

Be honest and be respectful

If you show respect then you will receive respect. Though this isn't always the case. There are some people that won't show you the respect you deserve, but like I've said before - pass it off. Ignore it. It really doesn't matter. Those that are worth your time will be respectful. Please don't lie, it doesn't get you far. Being truthful and living an honest life is what will get you where you need to be.

If you care about what other people think, then you will always be their prisoner

Sometimes you will get caught up in a web of worry - worrying about what other people thing of you. But I can't stress enough - It does not matter. Don't live your life worrying about what others think of you. Instead, carry on about your life. Be true to yourself, be exactly who you believe you are and the good people will be there with you. Spending your time worrying about how you are perceived to other people will only bring you a life of anxiety, and that my dear, is not fun. Be proud of who you are.

Create a life that looks good on the inside, not just the outside

Please tell me.. what is the point in living a life that is only good from the outside. Referring to the point I just made - who cares what people see on the outside. It's all about what's on the inside. Don't plaster your life everywhere painted as though it's perfect when it isn't. No-one has a 100% perfect life. If you want to paint, don't be afraid to do so. If you want to dance, don't be afraid to do so. Be true to yourself and create a life that is good from the inside, not just the outside.

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