24/03/2014 09:21 GMT | Updated 24/05/2014 06:59 BST

Today's Top Blog Post Picks - Monday 24 March

Good morning - I trust we all had good weekends... Mine was spent writing, reading, wrestling with weeds and drinking wine with mates, mostly.

Lots of blog action on HuffPost UK over the weekend too, with comments, retweets and Facebook likes (and dislikes) flying as people continue to get in a froth over no make-up selfies (I've unfriended someone AND had someone different unfriend me during rows over the topic of late). Emily Buchanan's blog post on why she won't be taking part has pretty much gone ballistic. So I am very much looking forward to getting a blog post from Aaron Eccles, head of social media at Cancer Research UK who turned the trend into more than £2million raised for the charity and counting...

Fantastic stuff on front this morning too, kicking off (pardon the pun) with former Footballers' Wives star and now Corrie cobble-botherer Ben Price on behalf of Cafod and seeing the impact of climate change with his own eyes in Uganda.

TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady meanwhile says soaring wage inequality here in the UK should worry us all.

We've also got FGM campaigner Efua Dorkenoo on how the first UK prosecution over the practice is a watershed moment, Barbara Frost of WaterAid on whether aid really is making the world fairer and author Polly Courtney on how the death of Shereka Evans at the weekend shows we need to commit to preventing gang violence by girls.

Elsewhere, Absolute radio DJ Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy lists her top 10 Elton John songs and is quite wrong to say the best is Benny and the Jets, when everyone knows it's Tiny Dancer. Tsk. She's put in a playlist anyway if you fancy soundtracking your Monday with something other than the sound of you banging your head against the desk.

Self-professed angry feminist and vice president of the Cambridge Union Alex Porter reckons a sensible debate on immigration is currently impossible because of political pointscoring on both left and right, our very own HuffPostUK lifestyle editor Poorna Bell on how to lose weight for your wedding (yes chaps, you need to look slinky in your morning suit!) and we've got the debut blog post from the British Film Institute on how gothic film has influenced comeback queen Kate Bush.

Joe Difford meanwhile says we should have more retrospective punishment in the Premier League, singling out Daniel Sturridge and George Boyd, Suzi Godson on why you shouldn't ignore erectile disfunction (she's not singling out Daniel Sturridge or George Boyd they'll be glad to hear), former cancer patient Kristina Egan says we needed to have a row about no-make-selfies as it was meaningless otherwise and Ellie Slee has a quite fantastically meaty rant about how she is fed up of being accused of being 'bitter' when she rejects the advances of slimy men on nights out, or you know, questions stuff that might be sexist. I hear you, sister!

And you can also get your chops round what Masterchef occasional guest judge and food critic William Sitwell ate last week, and Jamie Oliver's Food Tube gives us five tasty signs that spring has sprung...