10/10/2013 12:20 BST | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

I Am a Yid Not a Y** Word

Throughout history Tottenham and some of the surrounding areas have had Jewish communities and the club has had Jewish links. Opposition fans, as football fans do, look for something to attack you on the terraces with, and our Jewish link was obvious.

So we get subjected to Chelsea, West Ham, Everton and Lazio fans (to name the worst) taking part in hissing noises to imitate the gas chambers of Auschwitz, chanting the name of fascist sympathisers and singing "spurs are on their way to Auschwitz, Hitlers going to gas them again".

So we as football fans, look to counter this attack and being proud of our club and the area where we have resided for 131 years, did not want to have our club, our next door neighbours, or corner of London disrespected in such a vile way - so we became the famous Yid army.

We would chant back "Yid army", "Yid, Yid, Yid...", "Jermain Defoe he's a Yido".

Now you can judge for yourselves where the racism and hate speech is coming from. Calling someone a "Yido" is a bit different to singing songs about the holocaust and gas chambers. It is not us who should be getting the finger pointed at it is the other clubs and the evidence is there.

Just search 'West Ham, Chelsea or Lazio anti-Semitic chanting' on the internet and see for yourselves the disgusting abuse directed at us.

The Yid army is a badge of honour which we have proudly sung and worn around Britain and Europe for many years now. Some have been punched, kicked, bottled and even stabbed wearing this badge but attacking us only leads to more of us singing and louder.

We stand up against fascists and people who disrespect us and our roots. If you find it offensive while you sit in your armchair watching and reading the news, why not take a trip down to Tottenham next home game and visit the pubs, walk the streets and go to a game and witness the positivity that surrounds the use of the word.

You will hear people calling their kids "little Yido", see girls with 'Yidette' on their shirts, people dancing around singing "Yidio, Yidio..." and you will soon realise this is not hate or racism, it's a celebration. Age, sex, religion or race doesn't come into it, all that's important is our brotherhood, the Yid army.

We are one big family and our very proud of our heritage and the history of our area, we have resided in Tottenham for over a century we use the word as a celebration of this diverse area. If opposition fans, journalists, the police want to attack us unchallenged it's nothing we are not use to already. But one things for sure, Yids will never die!