24/03/2015 13:34 GMT | Updated 24/05/2015 06:59 BST

9.4 Top Tips For Conducting An Exceptional TV Interview

1. Make sure you ask questions of some sort, or the result may be both embarrassing, awkward, and silent.

2. A priority should be to get answers that are meaningful from the person you're interviewing. This can be difficult if it's Sir Ben Kingsley.

3. A good opening question to put the interviewee at their ease is 'Who are you then?'

4. Provide a welcoming environment for your interviewee. Avoid dungeons, shark tanks, and the middle of any busy motorway.

5. Try not to throw large objects at your interviewee. If you must throw something make sure the object is no bigger than a medium-sized brick.

6. For on-camera interviews, make sure you have a camera on you, otherwise the audience may not be able to see what is going on.

7. Try not to allow the interviewee to say anything. This has always worked for Jonathan Ross.

8. Your interview will be improved greatly if you can have fun during the conversation. Again this is extremely difficult if it's Sir Ben Kingsley.

9. Try not to become bored during the interview. Extra training may be needed for when talking to politicians.

9.4. Try not to go over thirty minutes or the interview will lose momentum. To ensure this doesn't happen, make suitable interjections during your interviewee's answers such as 'Have you finished yet?' and 'Stop!'

If you are looking for an example of a truly exceptional television interview, it may be a good idea not to watch the accompanying video.