sketch comedy

When Johnny Depp appeared in the Vicar of Dibley. When Ricky Gervais did that spoof African appeal sketch. French and Saunders doing the Harry Potter rip off, where Dawn French played Hagrid who couldn't quite see Jennifer Saunders' Harry over her own boobs.
The behind the scenes truth is finally revealed...
We've all been in this situation - sitting in a restaurant, belly rumbling, wondering why it's taking so long to cook our
"It's not that vegetable eaters are bad people, it's just that they're... terrible people."
We all know what stereotypical vegans can be like - just like someone who goes to the gym or is training for a marathon, they'll
"Gandhi said that. Or maybe Marilyn Monroe. I'm not really sure."
Have you ever wondered where all those bar codes on our packaged products come from? No, neither have we. But it turns out
Another twist has come to light in the story that has left the world wanting more - a new piece of video footage has emerged
We all have slightly awkward moments around the office, from being caught browsing Facebook to those weird instants in the