09/06/2017 12:02 BST | Updated 09/06/2017 12:02 BST

10 Father's Day Gift Ideas For Dads With Cancer

NicolasMcComber via Getty Images

Choosing a Father's Day present can feel like an impossible task at the best of times. But that job can seem even harder when your dad has been diagnosed with cancer.

It is a chance to show your dad just how much you care, but it can be hard to know how to find a thoughtful gift for someone living with cancer.

Ahead of Father's Day, I've put together a list of simple ideas to help you find your dad the perfect present.

1. New clothing

Cancer treatment can often lead to weight loss, which means the clothes of people affected by cancer no longer fit and can even add to their discomfort. Treat your dad to some comfortable new clothes that he can look forward to relaxing in. It is a simple and thoughtful gift he will appreciate.

2. A pair of headphones and his favourite songs

Show your dad how well you know him by compiling a CD or playlist with all his favourite songs and give it to him with a pair of headphones, so he can enjoy his music at home and at the hospital. Whether it's his old favourites or even bird song, the music will also block out any unwelcome sounds on the ward, helping him relax and pass the time.

3. A voucher for a mobile massage

Gentle massages release feel-good endorphins which can reduce pain, lower stress levels and improve sleep. A voucher for a home treatment means your dad can fit it around treatment and have something to look forward to. Look for someone qualified in therapy for people affected by cancer and check with his GP in advance, if you are unsure about suitability.

4. Audiobooks

Cancer treatment can often make patients' eyes very tired or sore, which can make reading difficult and quite draining. But audiobooks for your dad's phone or tablet can be a great way to help take his mind off things and lifts his spirits. He can even log into our Online Community to discuss what he's listening to with other people affected by cancer and get their recommendations.

5. A day in the great outdoors

Take your dad to one of the UK's beautiful gardens for a relaxing day out. The National Garden Scheme has worked in partnership with Macmillan for over thirty years and is the charity's largest single donor as people donate to charity to visit gardens. To find a garden near you, visit

6. The gift of laughter

Put a smile on your dad's face with some comedy DVDs or podcasts for him to enjoy. Laughter decreases stress hormones and triggers the release of endorphins, which promote an overall sense of well-being. So, whether it's an old classic you know he loves, his favourite stand-up or a boxset, give him the gift of laughter- better still, stay and watch it with him.

7. Something warm

People with cancer can feel the cold more and they may have to spend days in hospital if they are having intravenous chemotherapy. Buying your dad, a soft blanket or warm hat and jumper could be a welcome gift. Rest is a vital part of recovery and the more comfortable your dad is, the better.

8. Time together

Quality time with loved ones can be much more meaningful and memorable than any gift, so pick presence over presents this Father's Day. Cook his favourite meal, bake him a cake, sit in the fresh air or go for a walk. Otherwise, a simple hug and being by his side can be enough to show you care.

9. Pedometer

A pedometer is a great incentive to get up and about. Physical activity can be an important part of recovery after cancer and during treatment, even just spending less time sitting down, reduce tiredness, improve mood and strengthen muscles. You'll be helping others with this pedometer too, as all profits go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

10. A cuppa

Another common side effect of chemotherapy is the feeling of nausea. But ginger tea is commonly believed to be one of the most effective natural anti-nausea remedies. A box of teabags and a nice mug could help make your dad more comfortable during treatment. Just don't forget to put the kettle on for him.

11. Photo scrapbook

Buy your dad a scrapbook and ask your family to each create a few pages of a scrapbook full of family memories, adding photos and messages. Leave extra pages so you can continue to add to the scrapbook as a family. It will be a nice memento he can look back at on hard days.

12. Colour for Macmillan

Colouring is a great way to relax and unwind, and for people going through a tough time with cancer, it can be a welcome stress-reliever. Why not sign your dad up for Colour for Macmillan? For a suggested donation of £5 a month, he'll be sent a postcard to colour-in and share online with the hashtag #ColourForMacmillan

This Father's Day, please give a special gift to help Macmillan support people affected by cancer, including the countless dads out there, by donating here. Macmillan provides a range of support including a telephone support line, website with information and advice. For more information visit or call 0808 808 00 00 (Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm).