04/03/2015 09:40 GMT | Updated 03/05/2015 06:59 BST

Post Brits Blues

Can you believe it's already been a week since the Brits?

I don't know about you, but I was on countdown for the Brits for MONTHS!

It sure was a BIG glitzy fabulous evening. From Madonna's fall (bless her heart), such an icon and professional (& that fall must have hurt, ouch!), to the best (& worst dressed) celebrities, and from all of the glitz and glam, the Brit Award winners including Sam Smith, James Bay & Ed Sheeran (to name some of my personal favs), the rocking music, the spectacular after parties, what is one to do now it's all over?...

Here is my 'behind the scenes' mini report, from my experience at one of the official after parties, including merging with the stars, dancing the night away, swarovski encrusted vodka bottles, and being delighted by London's skyline.....

A Behind The Scenes Report From the Sony Hosted After Party

I was for the first time, in attendance at one of the spectacular dashing Brits After Parties, dancing the night away, alongside many of the celebrities (it was a first for me, I'm usually tucked up in bed, watching the Brits on TV), but not this year!....

I was invited to Sony's After Party, which I must add, was so brilliantly organized, and was truly an experience to remember. It was absolute VIP service in every way. The After Party was held at Sushi Samba, one of London's finest venues, with views I could only have dreamed of. The night sky was lit up by London's gorgeous skyline.

When we first arrived at the After Party, the building in itself is quite spectacular, and kind of makes you go 'WOW'!. We were greeted by a wonderful friendly team, and offered complimentary drinks all evening, including a special 'Iordanov Vodka Cosmopolitan cocktail' which had been especially created, as the 'cocktail of the evening' for the After Party. The vodka was in beautiful swarovski encrusted bottles, one of which was especially designed for the Brits! I love my sparkly stuff, and boy are these bottles beautiful, and the cocktails tasted divine too.

We then spotted countless celebs having their pictures taken on the red carpet, all very surreal. Each person looked absolutely gorgeous. We was then shown the breathtaking views outside on the balcony, and I've never seen London looking so lit up and beautiful, with all of the different vibrant lights. We was treated to a whole host of complimentary beverages, and delicious foods by the waiters and waitresses all evening. It was complete VIP treatment in every way.

One of the highlights of the evening for me, was Mark Ronson's live DJ set, and his Brit Award winning song 'Uptown Funk'. I also spotted fellow Brit Award Winner Paloma Faith, and Rita Ora dancing away to his song, and toasting with the gorgeous complimentary Iordanov vodka cocktails (by the way the vodka itself was poured from it's sparkling absolutely stunning swarovski encrusted bottles). We then spotted the bespoke ice sculpture in the shape of a Brit award, it was amazing truly nothing was spared any expense!.

The entire evening seemed to pass so quickly, and it really was quite surreal.

It doesn't get any better then this for me personally, it's an experience which will stay with me forever, and I wanted to share it with you guys, a behind the scenes look, at how the other half live perhaps.

So now what?, well it's back to work and normality for me, and preparing for next years festivities!

I hope you enjoyed my 'behind the scenes' mini report.