20/09/2015 06:47 BST | Updated 20/09/2016 06:12 BST

You Still Can't Trust the Lib Dems

Almost a year ago Nick Clegg, then Deputy Prime Minister, addressed his Party's Annual Conference and attempted to justify - again - his decision to prop up a Tory-led Government.

He told his supporters that "political parties must show by doing" and that "our promise of more must be built on a record of delivery, not words". He was right. In May the public judged him on the Lib Dem record of delivery in government and kicked out all but eight of his MPs.

Now represented in Parliament by just a handful of white, middle-aged men the Lib Dems are becoming even more of an irrelevance in today's modern world. As the Party's own consultation paper on party governance states, "the party office holders, candidates and parliamentarians do not reflect the make-up of the UK as a whole."

The theme of this year's Liberal Democrat conference is 'Lib Dem Fightback' but instead its new leader Tim Farron and others seem to be engaged in an exercise of collective amnesia about their Party's actions over the last five years.

Whatever his claims in the week ahead, Tim Farron cannot rewrite history. The Lib Dems remain a Party which promised to scrap tuition fees and then trebled then. They remain a party which promised fairer taxes and then gave millionaires a tax cut while everyone else paid more. And they remain a party which backed the Tories for five years.

Earlier this summer Mr Farron claimed the Lib Dems were "right to enter into coalition in 2010 and can be proud of what we achieved." But people across the UK, from those hit by the Bedroom Tax to those on NHS waiting lists, are still feeling the effects of the Lib Dems' legacy.

Since May we've seen the Tories' claims to be the party of working people exposed as a sham. Next year their cuts to tax credits will make three million working families on average £1,300 worse off. These measures are a continuation of the attack on ordinary working people that began when the Lib Dems were in office.

So as the Lib Dems meet in Bournemouth let's remember this - only Labour will offer the true alternative to the Tories that families up and down the country need.

The party leader may have changed but you still can't trust the Lib Dems - they have lost all credibility for good.