25/10/2012 11:23 BST | Updated 19/12/2012 05:12 GMT

Ufology: What are We as Humans Missing?

When one hears about ufology, they usually think about the stars and aliens, and out of this world kind of stuff, 'Independence Day' and Will Smith et al. It does the opposite for me. It makes me think of my current surroundings. If it is possible to traverse millions of light years, or make 90 degree turns at Mach 10, then what are we as humans missing? 

Physicists today can agree on of 5 Major Forces that define our reality:

1. The Strong Force (Atomic Binding)

2. Electromagnetism (Light - Photons)

3. The Weak Force (W & Z Bosons)

4. Gravity (Gravitons)

5. Magnetism (Magnetic Force)

We have evidence there are many more forces, but haven't been able to define them. (I say we, but mean physicists, not musicians writing a blog). What are we missing that will help us understand our setting? How can we better understand our environment?

What do you believe?

I get asked this every time someone finds out my interest in ufology and or physics. Simply put, I believe in gravity. It is a most humbling and obvious of forces.  Imagine creation without gravity. Such an idea is made of dreams and movies.  Back to the future hover boards, flying ships, etc. Gravity is SO inherent to the human condition, that most of us cannot fathom existence without it.

But what most people don't know is that we've been cancelling gravity for sometime. We already have a basic quantum levitational setup.

Granted, it is a basic example that requires super cooling among other things, but it's here. 

One of the MVPs in my lexicon is Boyd Bushman. Mr. Bushman is a retired senior research engineer who worked for Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, Texas Instruments Hughes Aircraft.  My favourite quote from him goes as follows:

"Nature never uses English, it doesn't speak, it doesn't use any language, yet, it is talking to us all the time."

He is well known for presenting a very simple experiment. Drop a piece of steel through a copper tube, and take note of the time of its descent. Now drop a magnet of the same size through the same copper tube and time its descent.

The magnet takes significantly longer to drop. Why?  Copper isn't magnetic. It shouldn't interfere.

This phenomenon is known as Lenz's Law. Basically it states that a magnet can induce a current that creates its own magnetic field which will oppose the permanent magnet's field. In other words, using a bit of Major Force #5, one can cancel out Major Force #4...gravity. The Major Force that keeps you stuck to the ground.

The rational thinker then asks, why aren't we using this now? How can we apply this to our daily life?

Unfortunately, it will be a while before you see this applied to daily life. Consumerism is based on fuel, gravity makes fuel necessary and makes ALOT of money for a lot of people. The more something weighs, the more fuel it takes. The more engineering required to move it, the more one can charge for its delivery. This create jobs. 

More jobs mean more air-conditioned homes, cars and smartphone sales. 

More income means more babies.

More babies equals more people to pay taxes.

There are nearly 7 billion people on an planet that can reasonably fit 2 billion. What are all these people to do with their looping 24 hours? They need jobs, food and purpose.

This leads me to a question that is not easily answered.

What's more important? Evolution (technologically and physically) or to preserve a comfortable status quo?

Get that flat screen yo.

Fuck it, i'll be in my bunk.