23/10/2015 08:44 BST | Updated 21/10/2016 06:12 BST

Call of Duty Players Could Be Good for Your Dating Life

While many of you may be busy checking out the hot jock or bad boy across the way, you're making a huge mistake overlooking the nerdy yet handsome, bookworm and gamer guy! Being an avid Xbox gamer myself, I felt that it was important to showcase the reasons why finding yourself a gamer is a MUST!


Gamers are smart

With so many studies out there showing that playing video games boosts regions in your brain, such as spatial orientation, memory formation, muscle memory and motor skills. Put all these things together and when you spot them playing their favourite video games it will look like you're watching a film because they are skilled and fluid with figuring out what to do in that moment in the game.

Gamers aren't boring

People who play video games tend to use their imagination a lot more than people that don't, and they use it with everything. The whole world is a gamer's playground and they are far more likely to try something new and go on adventures! It's safe to say that you may have some of your most creative and unique moments together!

Gamers are very low maintenance

While being a blast to hang out with when you're out and about, if you're not up for an adventure today then that's fine too! Gamers are more than happy to spend a quiet night in, order pizza and watch a marathon of films with you if that's what you're up for. Either way they'll make it fun!

A Gamer will quest for you

Stuffed bears? Roses? Chocolates? That's the easy way out. Like when completing a challenging quest in a video game, a gamer will investigate what you truly need or want when getting that special gift. They'll recall specific information and things they feel you really want in order to make you as happy as possible. Quest Complete!

Gamers are good with their hands

When using their hands so excessively every day, they have strong grips and tireless fingers. Need I say more?

Gamers are Tech Wizzes

When your system or mobile device needs a bit of troubleshooting or an internal clean-up, a gamer won't nag you to "call the guy" or to take it and get it checked out because every gamer has a working knowledge of how their system works, especially the PC gamers. They've spent hours either researching all the different elements needed to create the perfect gaming rig, or spent hours on a PC to buy games and look at gaming streams on YouTube or Twitch. Even if a gamer doesn't know, they'll happily do the research and learn what they have to do to fix whatever the problem is.

Gamers don't give up

No matter how the problems they face are, a gamer will always look for a solution. Whether it's persistence to make something work, or having to come up with a new strategy entirely, it's all in a day's work for a gamer. After all, once you've completed a Dark Souls game, you can do anything!

Gamers aren't clingy

Gamers truly recognise the value of alone time, will respect your privacy and won't intrude on any of your activities if you don't want them to. Neither are they possessive or jealous. They will happily have a quiet evening playing Mass Effect if you have your own plans for the evening.

Gamers are incredibly patient.

Besides the fact that they're used to crazy load times (looking at you PlayStation!) or patiently waiting for a game to come out (looking at you this time The Division) or even a new generation of consoles, a gamer is used to waiting. Going to need some time to get ready to go out tonight? No problem, gives me time to get a quick Heroes of the Storm game in. It's a win-win.

You may have to be patient with them also. When a new game comes up like GTA you may think they are ignoring your new relationship. They're not, they just want to play the latest game.

Gamers are always the hero

Now this isn't meant to come across as arrogant or anything, but a gamer is always on the quest to defeat whatever is in front of them and be the hero of their own stories, even if they play the bad guys. Now, this isn't to say that you need a hero or to be saved or anything, but if an Italian plumber can go through dungeon after dungeon defeating countless enemies to save a princess, then a gamer can and will do anything they can for you.