An Open Letter To Republicans

06/10/2011 12:48 BST | Updated 06/12/2011 10:12 GMT

Dear Republicans,

Since you are all so terribly unhappy with your present cast of presidential candidates, here's what you are going to have to do - hold your collective noses and swallow hard.

Unless Jeb Bush decides to put you all out of your agony and enter the race or we learn that Rick Perry has been debate coached by both Abe Lincoln and Ronald Reagan you are stuck with the Ruling Class, Mormon, Easterner who loves Obamacare, 'doesn't have a blue collar in his closet' and has already lost one primary race to the White House.

Unless the 'business class hero' totally blows this Tuesday's 'Finance Only Debate' from New Hampshire, Mitt Romney is your Man!

So far you have embraced then rejected the first darling of this campaign season Michele Bachmann, when she went off the reservation with her pretty outrageous comments on the HPV vaccine and how it is linked to childhood retardation.

These and other unfortunate comments out on the campaign trail may have proved to you Bachmann's bid has fizzled out.

On the other side of the coin, 'Grizzly Mom' Sarah Palin has just rejected you.

"After much prayer and serious consideration" it seems the former half-term Alaskan Governor decided that a noble career in pubic service just didn't add up to her financial ambitions.

Picture perfect Obama Ambassador and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman didn't even get a glimmer of consideration since your Tea Party faction rejected him for being overly educated, playing the piano and speaking Chinese.

Oh Yes! another member of the Mormon faith - considered by some in your party a cult and not a religion.

In desperation you created this past week's media three ring circus around New Jersey's 'Larger Than Life' Governor Chris Christie who has more smarts than you gave him credit for and told you basically to "take a hike, I'm not your flavor of the week - New Jersey's stuck with me."

Scandal-ridden former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has moved from single to low double digits while both your quadrennial competitor and cash-grabber Ron Paul and staunch anti-gay mouthpiece Rick Santorum have moved permanently into the 'also ran' basement.

Add this to your martini shaker - Last week your Florida GOP State Party officials announced that it was moving its Primary to January 31 temporarily making it the first in the nation.

This caused chaos and competition among the traditional "first in the nation" primary states - Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada - who now are moving their contests forward into early January.

This particular kind of chaos has the potential of shaking up your already limping candidates' campaigns and electoral strategy in unpredictable ways.

Shall we all stayed tuned for some more excitement including Christmas in Des Moines? - Brrrr!

So now its down to your next Republican Debate on Tuesday from Hanover, New Hampshire.

It will be the first debate of the 2012 campaign focused exclusively on the issues all voters including Democrats and Independents consider the most important - the economy, debt, deficits, taxes, trade and jobs, jobs, jobs!

With so much now at stake among the top tier contenders I know you will be glued to your TV screens and iPads.

As I mentioned, Rick Perry, who especially needs to hit a home run and the others better be boning up to show off their economic skills while Romney who has been traditionally strong in this area can't make a misstep and phone in a lackluster performance.

This debate will be the prime opportunity for "Godfather Pizza Don" Herman Cain to show his stuff and prove that he has real solutions to resolve the economic crisis and not just some blunt talk and catchy phrases to offer the semi-captivated audience.

Speaking of the now 'surging' Herman Cain.

Candidate Obama continues to take heat from members of the Black community, specifically the Congressional Black Caucus for comments he has made that some consider 'insensitive' to say the least.

It may be time for you to consider Mr. Cain for the number two spot on the Mitt Romney for President ticket.

Perhaps its a bit callous of me to suggest such a politically calculated move but there may be no better way to split apart the African American voting block - which you have never had a handle on in the first place - and render a devastating blow to the Obama Campaign efforts.

So my advice - Stay tuned to the next debate and to this Washington Notebook Blog site.

And if you all think I'm letting the Democrats off the hook, next time I will be offering "An Open Letter To Democrats"

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