29/09/2016 09:40 BST | Updated 28/09/2017 06:12 BST

Round One Hillary v Trump: The Fight Of The Century?


So, we just had an historic debate, the first ever with a woman presidential nominee for the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the first non-traditional presidential nominee for the Republican Party - a businessman.

The stakes could not have been higher and so were the expectations...with the largest worldwide audience to ever view a debate - possibly larger than any Super Bowl.

Although polls indicated that the voters expected the former Secretary of State to do better than Donald Trump, being is a seasoned debater, she is not a media natural the way her husband and Barack Obama are in any kind of setting.

Donald Trump who is not a policy wonk is clearly a media master - he knows how to play and manipulate the media. To date he has no rival for garnering free media attention.

Trump has put the "me" in media politics as he turned the concept of party politics on its head.

Both candidates tried to "psych out" each other by announcing audience guests to throw their opponent off balance.

The supposed Trump Gennifer Flower's invitation to the debate would have rivaled Don Michael Corleone's bringing "Frankie Five Angles" brother over from Sicily just to sit in the gallery during the Senate Crime Committee hearing.

On Monday night Hillary not only survived the rigors of the 90 plus minute debate but she also controlled the setting, maintained her cool and rose above it all with her "Cheshire Cat" grin.

For The Donald, he tried very hard at first to look and act presidential, this was unnatural for the "Brawler from Queens" and it showed...he was not comfortable in someone else's skin.

After all, Trump is used to being a "Winner" and this strategy was not a winning one for him. Frankly, a huge part of Trump's appeal is that - people like to pick and follow a winner.

Donald Trump did not get to be the Republican nominee for president by accident - knocking off 16 GOP rivals one by one with the arrogant aplomb of a teenage boy at a carnival shooting gallery.

In fact, a lot of his criticisms of all politicians that have gone before resonate with a large block of disenfranchised voters.

More often than not, what he says has an important grain of truth. It is true for example politicians from both political parties have failed to address the disastrous economic consequences of globalization on what was once a thriving part of our U.S. manufacturing economy and our trade deals have not worked out to everyone's advantage... Just ask lots of people in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio etc.

However, where Trump falls short no matter what criticism he may have or how valid it may be - the answer is always the same - "I am Great and because I am Great I will do better".

This is where the rubber meets the road and where Hillary is able to shine.. She is adept at picking up on the issue and spouting out the details of solutions that sound like they address the problem - whether they will or not remains to be seen.

Trump does not get mired in the details of his plans -- because he has so few.

CEO Trump wants to make the government run like business - although there is clearly room for improvement in this direction - government is not business.

In fact, sometimes government must do things that a business who answers to shareholders could never do.

Political leaders must sometimes make decisions that are expensive and unpopular because it is the right thing to do - and we depend on their courage and conviction to do so.

The Donald does not seem to understand this concept. So for example, he might have rejected the idea of going into WWII unless someone agreed to pay for the cost of everything first.

This very idea threatens our collective safety and security.

So in essence Trump is selling "himself" as the answer to everything - he will do a better job because HE IS GREAT!

Hillary, on the other hand, is a policy wonk and manager. And she is selling her knowledge and her ability to make government "work for everyone" and to get things done.

So, in the first debate almost all the zingers Trump tried to land did not pierce Saint Joan of Arc's armor and Hillary seems to have reversed roles with the "Teflon Don".

Round One for Hillary. And Round Two? I can guarantee a different Donald Trump will show up in the ring ready to rumble...My advice? He better bring along his "cutman."