Obama's Challenge

04/09/2012 16:56 BST | Updated 04/11/2012 10:12 GMT

Mitt Romney's challenge was to re-introduce himself and rise above the bar of expectations on Thursday at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. He clearly exceeded that level of expectation... and then some!

Romney had the chance to make his case to the American people first and now Barack Obama will have an advantage as he make his case last.

In this unforgiving 24-7 crash and burn news cycle all eyes are now on Charlotte, North Carolina as the Democrats get their turn to capture the attention, imagination and support of their party faithful - and not so faithful!

Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Michelle Obama and "Elvis" himself - President Bill Clinton will be "Fired Up & and Ready to Rumble."

The Democrats will be in hyper-attack mode focusing much of their efforts on literally shredding to pieces and forcefully debunking EVERYTHING that was said and promised by Romney, Ryan and all of the GOP Speakers back at the RNC in Tampa.

This is Obama's turn to make his case for another four years to get the job done.

His biggest challenge will be to explain what will be different if he is re-elected.

He cannot just blame the "Do Nothing Congress" since his supporters and the Independent voters will want to know, if re-elected, how this time it will be different in an even more partisan environment.

And no matter how this election turns out on Nov 6, neither Obama nor Romney will have a clear mandate!

Obama needs to lay out his plans for improving the economy in a bold and concise manner.

He needs to distinguish his plans from those of Romney.

Obama also needs to re-ignite and re-energize his base and motivate them and get off the couch and out to the polls.

Obama will have all of the top Democrats helping him make his case at the DNC.

All will be watching his biggest supporter, Michelle Obama to closely compare the speech that she delivers on behalf of her husband to the one given by Ann Romney on behalf of her husband.

The most highly anticipated speech will be that of Bill Clinton who will place Obama's name in nomination.

Since Bill Clinton is the only recent president to preside over a balanced budget, his endorsement on the right path forward, means a great deal to both Democrats and Independents.

And no one makes the case for what's at stake for America quite as well as Bill Clinton.

Since Barack Obama is the incumbent and not the challenger, the voters will actually judge him on his results and his record not just lofty ideas and untested plans.

This Friday the August Job's Report will be released.

These numbers will either come as a needed boost at the end of the Convention or a drag on the excitement and any potential momentum - depending on the results.

To be successful and meet this challenge Barack Obama must make this Convention his opportunity to inspire the Democratic base, win over the Independent voters and make his case for another four years to get the job done.

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