What's Going On With Jamie Foxx's Hairline?

What's Going On With Jamie Foxx's Hairline?

Working in my profession, you get used to taking far more notice of people's hairlines than you care to admit! Sometimes, one leaps out at you for being a bit too perfect, and you can't help but wonder whether that person has had a little help. You only have to Google search 'Jamie Foxx hairline' to see the speculation swirling around the Django Unchained star's perfectly straight hairline, so let's take a closer look at what might have happened.

If Foxx has indeed had a hair transplant, he joins the ranks of male stars from Brendan Fraser to Kevin Costner who have had the procedure. However, as you can see from a quick look at Foxx's apparently changing hairline, you can see the perils of what appears to be an overly neat hairline on his forehead.

Our natural hairlines are all different: some people may have a fairly straight line, but more often than not it can come to a peak, or go back slightly further at the temples. Hair transplants can, when done well, carefully mimic the natural hairline: Elton John is a good example of a very natural looking end result.

For those considering a hair transplant, though, it's certainly worth trying to regrow your original hairline medically before succumbing to the whims of a surgeon. What many people are in the dark about is the fact that the method of treating a hairline medically involves the same medications required to maintain a transplant. As such, a transplant is not a quick fix that once put in place can be left to its own devices: it would all fall out again if you failed to treat it!

So, if Jamie Foxx hasn't had a hair transplant, how has he managed to apparently regrow his hairline? Images from several years ago appear to show Foxx with a higher hairline than he currently has, and being as hair does not regrow in this way without medical help, it's very possible that the actor and musician used a hair loss treatment.

If you're a man experiencing male pattern hair loss, you may have heard of the oral medication Propecia (containing finasteride), which is great for thinning on the crown, but when used alone it is not particularly effective at treating a receding hairline. I therefore suspect that if Foxx has been using a treatment, it is probably minoxidil, either by itself, or for optimum results with Propecia as part of a hair loss treatment programme.

Scientists are still stumped as to how minoxidil works, but what we do know is that it has provided consistently great results for men, whether hairlines have receded significantly (a high strength minoxidil cream would be useful here) or if hair is just beginning to thin around the temples. The best thing about treating hair with minoxidil is that your hairline regrows in its original way, avoiding the too-straight hair transplant look.

The other great thing about minoxidil is that it can be tailored in terms of strength and being combined with other useful ingredients (Propecia comes in one dose only). Ranging from a 4% liquid to 10% and 12.5% creams, a hair loss specialist can advise you on the optimum daily combined dose for the severity of your hair loss. The solution is then applied directly to the scalp each morning and evening. Don't worry though, the liquid is clear, so unlike a too-straight hairline, it won't be noticeable!

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