Jamie Foxx

The actor was equal parts earnest and hysterical in his first public speech since his hospitalisation.
The Oscar winner's family said in a statement in April that he had suffered a “medical complication.”
“Without you I would not be here,” the actor said of his sister Deidra Dixon.
“I went through something that I thought I would never go through," the Oscar winner said.
The Oscar-winning actor's family announced that he suffered a "medical complication" earlier this year.
The Oscar winner was admitted to hospital last month due to an undisclosed medical issue.
Jamie's daughter said the actor was "on his way to recovery" due to "quick action and great care."
A mere mention of the former president caused Foxx to mimic him during a Rap Radar podcast this week.
DeOndra previously danced in her brother's Blame It music video and was part of a performance at the Grammys.