30/05/2017 08:23 BST | Updated 30/05/2017 08:24 BST

Focus On Just A Single Pillar Of The Good Life And You'll Achieve All Four

We all love the four pillars of the good life; health, wealth, love and happiness. And we often search for ways to attain a balance in all four.

Unfortunately, read more, work out, eat healthy, work harder, be persistent -- these are often the sought of advice you get when searching for ways to attain this balance.

This advice has become so common that most people, while trying to attain a balance in all four, end up with a divided focus and eventually achieve none.

A simple yet effective way to really achieve this balance, even without thinking about it, is by focusing all your energy and time on one, and adopting the provenly-effective approaches that'll help you to achieve that one.

This approach will help you to be dedicated and committed to achieving that one, and when that one is achieved, everything else will add up.

Therefore, below are 4 factors that can determine whether or not you will become successful in any given pillar you wish to focus on, in order to effortlessly unlock all others.

1. Your attitude to the world

The world is currently experiencing series of automation innovations like Autonomous Vehicles and 3D printing. Some individuals are running helter-skelter, scared at the threats the robots are laying on their career fields.

On the other hand, some other individuals stay abreast of this innovation, day in day out, to discover ways their potentials, talents and skills can be of use to the world when the automation is fully adopted.

This is all a matter of the mindset. While others see threats on their career, some others see possible new opportunities and this is what makes the difference.

The question is, what kind of mindset do you possess?

2. Your personality and lifestyle

It's a common belief that personality has nothing to do with one's success in life. However, this is quite disputable because an individual who disregards knowledge and focuses only irrelevancies will have quite a difficult time with fields that require technical knowledge from the onset.

Personality and lifestyle may not directly be responsible for one's success and failures in life, but it does have a large role to play.

To succeed in any career field, besides having passion in the field, you have to build your personality and choose your lifestyle accordingly.

3. Your attitude with work

Almost every individual gets ideas of products and services that if created, could really solve world problems and take the world to a whole new level of advancement -- Mark Zuckerberg implemented his idea to create a social media platform, Bill Gates created Microsoft, Aigars Silkalns creates theme platforms -- all these innovations that have taken the world to a whole new digital age were once some mere ideas and would've probably just remained so if the founders never had the courage to implement them.

The point is, to succeed in any field, you have to build the mindset and develop a habit of giving every promising idea a shot, irrespective of the challenges. This will help you to discover opportunities that really work and make you seem luckier than the average man.

4. Your life goals and desires

Some individuals dream to build empires and to enjoy the best of luxuries. Some dream to simply lead a happy life filled with adventures and positive memories. On the other hand, some individuals just exist.

The dreams and goals that you live by and that serve as your motivation to work can hugely determine whether or not you succeed and achieve the four pillars of the good life.

People who dream to build empires may, in the long run, focus only on riches and ignore all other core pillars of the good life.

People who have no life goals and dreams, on the other hand, often take whatever life throws at them. And to such people, achieving a balance in all four core pillars of the good life often appears impossible.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with having the desire to build empires. What matters the most is that you never let the desire for more wealth become your top priority as this can shut off the desire of living your ideal life.

In conclusion, it's alright to want that summer body. It's alright to want more money. It's absolutely alright to seek love and happiness. It's alright to want it all.

What's not alright, however, is trying to get it all at once.

Learn to temporarily shut off some of your desires and you'll have more chances of achieving all of it in no time.