The Covid pandemic is “set to drive the biggest systemic increase in income inequality ever seen,” Oxfam said in a new report.
Sales of "super-prime" homes in the capital increased in 2020 despite the pandemic, showing widening gap between rich and poor.
Zamira Hajiyeva is the first person to be targeted by the UK’s new anti-corruption tool: the unexplained wealth order. Hajiyeva’s millions’ worth of property and extravagant shopping sprees are under investigation.
SA's brutal past cannot be forgotten when our the needs and well-being of vulnerable communities have no urgency nor a voice in corporate boardrooms.
How would a donation of £10,000 help young people start a business, buy a house or return to study?
Government caves to backbench pressure to clamp down on 'toxic' wealth.
"Cash saved in a bank account or fixed deposit is seldom able to deliver real growth over the long term."
Nicky Oppenheimer maintains his position as the richest man in South Africa.