15/03/2016 10:56 GMT

What The World Would Look Like If It Was Reduced To 100 People

Sixty of them would be Asian and 11 would be European.

If The World Were 100 People | GOOD Data

When you shrink the world's population down to 100 people, this is what you get:

Posted by GOOD on Monday, 14 March 2016

This intriguing video reveals what the world's population would look like if it was shrunk down to just 100 people.

The clip, produced by magazine and social impact company GOOD, gives a fascinating snapshot of the make-up of the people who live around the world.

Some stats - such as the fact that 50 of those 100 people would be women and 50 would be men - are unsurprising.

But some are far more shocking, such as the the fact that one person out of those 100 would control 50% of all the wealth.

Fourteen people would be American, 11 would be European, 15 would be African and 60 would be Asians.

The five most widely-spoken languages are, in order, Mandarin, Spanish, English, Hindi and Arabic - with 6,500 other languages spoken by the rest.

The video was produced using data from the CIA's World's Factbook, which contains information on every country, dependency, and geographic entity in the world.

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