29/01/2014 11:50 GMT | Updated 31/03/2014 06:59 BST

Tour Essentials - Germany in Winter

I'm getting ready to embark on a three week tour of Germany, with performer Ryan Sheridan, and I realised I don't really have a working suitcase any more. I think I've been hibernating since Christmas. So, it's about time I made a list of on-the-road-again must-haves. Flights, epic car journeys, travel sickness, and a show a night... I just need to be comfy!

So travel item one, errrr, is a decent suitcase, the wheels broke on my last one and I haven't replaced it. It was massive as well, far too much temptation to carry around more than I needed. So, a nice, bright, average sized wheelie will do.

Next, a velour tracksuit. I know, this sounds like a fashion disaster, however, it's so uncomfortable travelling in tight clothes. After an hour or so sitting in the same position, wearing skinny jeans, I just start to fidget and get miserable. So, something warm and loose is in order. OK, maybe I'm not getting a track suit, but I'm looking for the next best thing.


Then the light essentials. I do a lot of sleeping on planes so this is important. According to yesterday's Metro (pictured), I need a travel pillow, an eye mask and ear plugs. I do always take ear plugs because of the number of times I've slept in noisy hotels. But I'll need to invest in a pillow and an eye mask... it's weird that I don't already have these things?

A new Euro power plug adapter, I left mine in a hotel in Holland.

I think I need a massive stack of make-up removal wipes too. Nothing worse than spending all day in your make-up, getting off stage and having to hit the road immediately. Your face just feels nasty! So I like to get rid of the make-up as soon as I get in the car. Ahhhh fresh!

So basically, I need everything. Recently, I've just been hitting the road with my rucksack, so maybe I've been roughing it a bit until now. But no more, I'm going to be packing slippers and lots of tea (I'm sure there's plenty of tea in Germany, but I can't read the labels and I like certain flavours, so I'll just take them with).

Lastly, we do a lot of waiting around on tour, in airports, at service stations, in dressing rooms... just waiting, waiting, waiting. I always need a good book or two to pass the time. So, I think (when I get my suitcase) I'll be packing Magnus Magnusson's Scotland. A heavy read (I mean physically - it's massive) but I started reading it a long time ago and I loved it... so I'm going to attempt to finish it.

I'm sure this list is going to grow, but now I've got a little idea of what I need. Maybe a woolly hat too, and some gloves, and a scarf... I'm guessing Germany, in winter, is FREEEEEZZING!

Oh and lots, and lots of Travella... urgh!