15/01/2015 05:49 GMT | Updated 16/03/2015 05:59 GMT

All Bark No Bite: Why 'Instagram Inspiration' Needs Action

Many of us believe - through the filters of motivational Instagram meme's and pixels of uplifting Facebook status's - we'd like a profession that's also a passion, a career that's also our calling. "Do what you love", the caption reads; "Follow your dreams".


We now live in a society where self-fulfilment and financial security through engaging employment can be a viable reality for many and not just the privileged few. However we also face a job climate where young people and graduates are facing serious obstacles in placing their foot on that ladder leading to their dream.

It takes more than the initial motivational spark of a twitter tweet to turn your past-time into a paying passion. Success here requires singular action.


To ironically supply my own quote, Nike said it best in its moniker 'Just do it' - or using my translation - "Start Before You're Ready'.

However, who am I to preach this to you? I'll start with the basics. I write this from a cafe' on an old laptop bearing more scuff's than megabytes in it's hard drive. I'm just about afloat financially, although my bank balance is nearer in size to a rubber dinghy than the HMS Titanic.


Have I read those motivational quotes and images then walked out and succeed? Not yet. What I have done is harnessed the principle they provide and conjoined with massive action, I've created my own content in the field of my desires. I started before I was ready. I took aim and fired whilst my target was still visible. Who knows if I'll hit. But at least the bullet's on its way.

"Start before you're ready" ... What does it mean? It means to "whisper #YOLO to the wind" and delve into something before all your cards are dealt, because, let's face it - so many of us wait for the right moment and that moment never comes.

In my case it means to be 24 years old and wanting to explore the world but share my experiences at the same time. It means to embrace a passion for filmmaking but also sharing the stories of others. It means spending all your money on a camera and a plane ticket to America. It means to learn how to make a YouTube show on the move, and to harness the power of social media to find stories you want to share (plus a place to sleep). It means to visit a rodeo, have a go and fall off, sticking with your idea through grievous injury. It means to come home and recover, pitch the idea to broadcasters, travel blogs, newspapers and to fail. But it also means to save up again and then once more venture out to Spain to create another series for another three months - on your own - touring hostels and exploring the local culture. It means to carry on and persevere, and eventually to succeed.

Starting before you're ready means to get such a head start that after the failures, after the let-downs, after the tears - When you are finally ready, others will be too.

I believe I'm now at that level, although I still have a long way to go. I was recently approached to make a broadcast pilot of my travel show, and I produced, presented and edited a 30 minute pilot around Amsterdam, - If I hadn't of started before I was ready, I wouldn't be here now.


So next time you see that lettering over a starry background, spelling out "the world is your oyster" - let it inspire you. But then ignore Instagram and terminate Twitter - take that real world action where you create your own content and physically manifest the fishing rod that will land you your dream. You just have to start before you're ready.