14/01/2016 06:44 GMT | Updated 13/01/2017 05:12 GMT

And the Beat Goes On

So it is already mid-way through January 2016 and it feels as though I have not stopped to draw breath. I am sure I'm not the only one. Just after Christmas a good friend sadly passed away. Nothing I know of shows quite how the world keeps going on - as clearly as death does. I suppose that is a strange thing to write and a bit of a juxtaposition in terms of the world 'going on' and death itself - however when someone leaves this world it does seem as though the world should stop. But it never does.

On another note, my in laws - along with thousands of others who live in Cumbria - had their house flooded over the Christmas period. They were luckier than most as they were able to stay with their daughter who lives nearby, plus they managed to move most of their belongings upstairs into a relative safety-zone in good time. However there is now 9 months worth of damage to the house and their dream of selling the property is currently in tatters. My dear parents in-law are left with the after shock of their world being turned upside down.

My darling goggle-eyed shih tzu added more worries and problems to our already eventful Christmas by having to have eye surgery on Christmas Eve! Two surgeries later (the first one didn't quite take properly) the vet decided to keep him at the clinic under observation for one whole painfully long and slow week! I couldn't quite let my mind wander to where he was or how he'd be feeling. Rather pathetically I worried he would think I had abandoned him. The joy of having the grumpy old rascal home is immeasurable. So things are starting to look up!

Now I know 2016 is going to be a good year. The last month has at least taught me a few things - mainly, to appreciate more than ever those around us. Even if it seems inconsequential - make that phone call - it might mean more to them than you. I never phoned my good friend back when I had the chance - I was too busy, or so I had thought. My life is literally held together by people that are kind enough to help me in a million different ways (our dog walker being number one). With life going on like a virtual treadmill - it is simply too easy to keep on going on and not step back for at least one moment to breathe - and take it all in.

As David Bowie's premature death has shown us, life really is too short. It has to be said though, what an incredible way to say goodbye. If you haven't yet seen the video to Lazarus - one of his final songs that he left as a parting gift to the world, then here is the link from You Tube -

It is obvious that David was preparing, if not prepared for his death and through his creativity he certainly made something beautiful from it. So for us, the living - it is not a case of 2016 being a good year - it is a case of us MAKING it one and I am more determined than ever to make this new-year 2016 - a fantastic one. After all, we owe it to all those that don't have the honour of treading this sometimes mucky but always beautiful Earth anymore.