25/01/2017 05:21 GMT | Updated 26/01/2018 05:12 GMT

Be Resolute In 2017: Eat Healthier, Work Smarter And Train Harder

BE RESOLUTE IN 2017: Eat Healthier, Work Smarter

Research shows that the majority of Brits and Americans make New Year resolutions but less than half actually stick to them. So how do you become one of these elite few 'doers' that actually make their resolutions a reality? It's simple: set a strategy and be resolute about moving consistently and with self-forgiveness towards your goal! I've worked with our nutritional therapist and hundreds of people over the past five years to eat healthier and work smarter, here are some of our simplest, but most successful plans:


You may want to 'get healthy', but what does that look like in your life? Our most recent survey found that people want to reduce sugar intake, consume more vegetables and reduce dairy intake. Take a few simple steps to be proactive and ensure long-term success.

1. Give yourself a pantry makeover

Make sure your cupboards are stocked with great ingredients so you can whip up healthy meals. Include healthy grains like quinoa and sprouted buckwheat. Healthy oils that you can cook with including coconut oil and ghee as well as spices like cinnamon (great for regulating blood sugar levels if you crave sweets), mineral rich salt, cacao nibs and heaps of fresh herbs. Finally, having dairy free milk like almond or cashew milk can add protein and flavour (without any sugar) to porridge, curries and smoothies.

2. More greens

Fresh, green vegetables are brimming with vitamins and nutrients that support your cognitive (brain) health and overall wellbeing. If you're someone who struggles to eat your 7-10 a day try juicing at home, or buying an organic cold pressed juice.

3. Engage with your food

Remove stimulation (tv and phones) at meal time so your body can enter 'rest and digest' mode, where you'll be able to digest what you're eating and your body can properly absorb the nutrients from your food. Practice slowing down when you eat, chewing more to activate the digestive process (remember your stomach does not have teeth!). It's likely you'll feel satisfied sooner and suffer from less bloating.


I meet lots of people thinking of starting their own business, or want to work on their own terms. I've compiled my 'quick start' guide to being smarter about creating your own venture.

1. Be ambitious

Be disciplined about setting goals for you and your business and make sure that you and your team are all working towards those goals. Set ambitious goals so if you only achieve 75%, you'll still be successful!

2. Convey ideas clearly

You're going to need to convey your idea to buyers, investors and consumers as well as your team. You don't have to be the world's best writer, but creating engaging, punchy presentations is a key skill for any industry. If writing and communication aren't your strong suits, make sure you have a trusted extra set of eyes weigh in to make sure your idea comes across clearly and excites and engages your audience.

3. Be comfortable with the bottom line

Make sure you have a business plan, and a clear understanding of how much money your business needs to operate, including paying yourself. There are lots of easy to use online accounting programs that can help you manage your cash flow and keep an eye on your bottom line.

4. Execute Precisely

There is no escaping execution in your own business, ideas are 10% of success and execution is 90% at a minimum. Make sure your ideas are brought to fruition with great care, attention to detail and with your consumer's experience in the heart of everything that you do.

Whatever your goal this year, be resolute about setting goals, creating a strategy to achieve them and make consistent small steps. Also learn to be forgiving if you veer off the path, just pause, recalibrate and then press on and crush it in 2017!

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