Kara Rosen

Plenish founder and author of Plenish:Fuel Your Ambition

Founder and innovator Kara Rosen launched award-winning British brand Plenish ( in 2012, providing great-tasting, power-packed drinks to fuel full-on lifestyles.
A regular juicer back in New York, Kara struggled to find an organic, nutrient-rich juice cleanse that was not loaded with sugar-laden fruits and vegetables in the UK. Frustrated with the lack of integrity in most products on the supermarket shelves, she invested time in understanding sourcing and production: dreaming up a new kind of product, which would contain only organic, fresh ingredients, a real step change from the traditional ‘big food’ companies.
Supermarket buyers said that the business would not work for retail but undeterred, Kara simply changed her model: first, selling from Plenish’s own (now award-winning) online shop that connected directly with their consumers. When Plenish hit half a million pounds online, the brand went back to retailers and are now stocked across independents and national multiples.
Growing the Plenish brand from a small, niche e-commerce business to one of the leading healthy drinks brands in the UK has been an absolute labour of love, harnessing Kara’s passion and raw ambition.
Plenish is a forward-thinking company, founded to be a positive addition to fulfilling lifestyles. The brand uses the verb ‘plenish’ as their name to describe the act of nourishing and fueling forward for what lies ahead.
Plenish products are available at Waitrose, Ocado, Whole Foods Market and