20/09/2013 08:37 BST | Updated 15/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Business branding: The Importance of Using the Right Colours for Your Brand

Did you know that colour is the first thing we notice? In fact, up to 85% of the initial perception of your business brand or product is based on colour alone. [1]

We like to think we are logical beings, but what's really happening is we are making purchases based on emotion. What's this got to do with colour? Colour triggers our emotional responses, so the colours you choose for your business branding will have a huge impact on your customers and potential customers decision to buy.

Colour is registered by the brain before images or typography, making the colours you use for your business branding a key component of your brand's identity and personality. So, why wouldn't you want to get your business brand colours right?

Here are seven useful tips to consider when choosing your business brand colours:

1. Engage with your customer's emotions

If you fail to engage with your customers' emotions, you'll fail to make the sale. You can use colour to create a positive emotional connection and increase sales.

2. Build trust

If people don't trust you they won't buy from you. Using the same brand colours consistently, throughout all aspects of your business, builds trust and customer loyalty.

3. Be instantly recognisable

Colour is the first thing we see. Imagine the power of your brand if it can be recognised by the tone and the combination of colours alone.

4. Be authentic

If you project one thing and then deliver another, your brand is not being authentic and customers hate to be deceived. Do you know your Brand's Authentic Colour Personality?

5. Don't underestimate the significance of colour in culture

We work in a global market and it's so easy to get your products and services in front of a global audience. Have you stopped to consider the message your branding colours may be saying to those from different cultures?

6. Represent your brand through business clothing

You and your team are the working embodiment of your brand. You already know they need to look the part. Using your branding colours in your staff work wear is an effective way to further market your brand.

7. Use your brand colours in your work place

When a potential buyer is in your work space you have the best chance of making a sale. Using your brand colour will reinforce your brand's attraction and make that sale even easier.

Communicating through colour

As a business owner how much thought have you put into the tone and combination of colours that represent your business brand? Do you know what they are actually saying?

Surprisingly, most business owners use colour as decoration or as an afterthought. Try to think of colour as a subliminal language, another way to communicate and to attract your ideal clients.

Used to its full effect, your branding colours will give you the competitive edge, elicit the right emotional response from your prospects, and significantly increase your sales.

[1] CCICOLOR Institute for Color Research

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