08/12/2015 05:09 GMT | Updated 07/12/2016 05:12 GMT

A Festive Wish for Our Military

The festive period is fast approaching, and we are all looking forward to some well-earned rest and relaxation with our families at this special time.

For military personnel and service families, time spent together is even more precious. Many military families have been separated for months, and reconnection as a family unit is a real necessity.

As a nation, we look after our service personnel while they are on tour, but we can always do more to ensure that their families and the service people get back to "normal" when they return home.

The mental and physical consequences of operational tours can stay with armed forces personnel forever, and the stress of being away from home for so long can be debilitating.

It's been well documented recently that military veterans can suffer from PTSD, and can sometimes struggle to return to a normal, civilian life upon leaving the armed forces. A survey by VETS recently quizzed war veterans and discovered that up to four fifths said that civilian bosses didn't appreciate their military skills and didn't think that they benefited the workplace. Because of this, many of them felt under-appreciated.

On the other hand, it was great to see Nick Knowles from the BBC makeover show, DIY SOS, transform a Manchester street into a community for veterans who were struggling to reintegrate into society after serving their country for so long. Positive campaigns such as this are hugely appreciated by these personnel and their families, who have given so much to this country.

Our charity, Give us Time, was created by Dr. Liam Fox who also wanted to give something back to these military personnel, to help them to reconnect back at home. We provide one-week holidays to British military personnel who are in need of rest, recuperation and family reconnection. These holidays provide families with a chance to bond, relax and have fun, and can have an amazingly transformative effect.

As the year draws to a close, Give us Time is calling on holiday companies, park owners, and even UK families with holiday homes or caravans, to donate one-week holidays to military personnel and their families in 2016. Can you help? If so get in touch by emailing

From all at Give us Time, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!