'Bad Day' Superstar Spots New Talent Elissa Franceschi... And No Talent Show in Sight!

05/10/2012 11:54 BST | Updated 04/12/2012 10:12 GMT

Elissa Franceschi is a powerhouse vocalist, gifted song-writer and true artist. Channelling all of this and more into her performances at the Olympic Park this summer made her a prime selection for the Emerging Icons album, but this choice was based on more than her live shows alone.

Before the Olympics gigs, we got to know Elissa pretty well in a rather full and frank interview in which we learnt about her creativity, her ambition and her penchant for kissing goats. She possesses a strength and sweetness that carries through into some elements of her stage presence, but the next moment you'll find yourself flattened by the force of her powerful vocal and bucket-loads of attitude. Altogether this attests to the kind of 'perfect friend' figure most females would love to have- one that's playful, honest and charming... but would definitely have your back.

This is very much the sentiment that weaves throughout the 'Emerging Icons In The Park' album track, 'Rainbow On Fire'. It's a song that's borne from heartache, but doesn't bow down to it. It's a testament to finding that power within and making sure you don't lose your sense of self because of some little twerp. What else would you want to hear from a mate over a teary brew? Yes, Elissa Franceschi is going to speak to a lot of people through her strong dose of relatable, emotive song writing. Here's the full story:

What was the inspiration behind the track and what the song is about?

Rainbow On Fire is an exploration into how some girls tend to give a lot of themselves emotionally when invested in a relationship. I wanted to conjure imagery as opposed to speak plainly about the subject as it's quite a painful one, so I used the image of colours melting from a rainbow on fire to symbolise what it feels like to lose yourself in the process of loving someone too much.

Where and when did you write this song?

This song was written one rainy night about two years ago following an argument with someone. I'd been pushed to the limit of my emotions and I needed to tell him how I felt. He never acknowledged that the song was about us which is actually pretty indicative of the whole relationship, but some things are better left unsaid, and better just sung at gigs in front of loads of strangers!

Who recorded the track for you? If a producer who else have they worked with?

On Rainbow I worked with John Mitchell (You Me At Six) and Matt O Grady (Deaf Havana). Both are incredible at what they do and such a laugh to work with.

Have you collaborated with any notable figures for this track or on previous material?

Not for Rainbow, but another track on my album 'Into the Light' I duet with Josh from You Me At Six on an epic pop- ballad called 'Salt'... which will be released in the next few months!

How do fans react to the track when you play 'Rainbow On Fire' live?

Rainbow always goes down so well. I think it's because it has such a big pop chorus, tonnes of melody in the strings and vocal harmonies; and because the lyrics are so true for so many girls.

What comes to mind when you hear the song played back?

First and Foremost the fun I had working with the musicians and producers and how the goal was 'Disney vocals'- I think we got there! Secondly, the pain of what triggered me into writing the song itself- although I try block that out now.

What does your song bring to the collective on the Emerging Icons album?

I hope that 'Rainbow on Fire' supplies the album with a powerful pop ballad; a siren call to blokes who under appreciate their great girls.

We asked established artist Daniel Powter to tell us what he thought of 'Rainbow On Fire'. It's safe to say that we think he liked it just a bit...

You can hear more from Elissa by checking out her Emerging Icons profile, but what you really need to be doing is pre-ordering 'Emerging Icons In The Park'... and you can do that by clicking right here.