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Emerging Icons Featuring Seasfire, Fake Club, Sam Williams & The Flock Of Bats and Cherri Fosphate

While temperatures continue to rise outside, now is the perfect time to become acquainted with some fresh new artists to get on your playlist and enjoy in the sunshine.

While temperatures continue to rise outside, now is the perfect time to become acquainted with some fresh new artists to get on your playlist and enjoy in the sunshine. Whether you're after a bit of chill or tunes to party to we reckon you'll find something you like right here. Have a read of what we think about this belting bunch- and remember! If you like what you hear, all you have to do to get them on your personal playlist on Emerging Icons Radio is hit that music note! Just ask this fella....

So let's find out which acts have got us hot and bothered this week. These are the tunes you NEED to hear...

First up for some Emerging Icons love this week are hotly-tipped Bristolians, Seasfire. Since flagging up their storming epic 'We Will Wake' a few months ago, things have been moving on rapidly for the four-piece... something which becomes almost reflected in latest single, 'Oh.. Lucifer'. The electronic melancholic "4am" chill has certainly stepped up a gear in what feels like a highly accessible track. In contrast to the smooth fragility of Josh Thorn's vocals, the weight of industrial back beats fill out their sound; steering it confidently towards something with perhaps an even broader audience appeal. The influence of those dark masters of synth in Depeche Mode takes stronger precedence in this effort, lending a bit of punch to the somewhat cinematic qualities they already had nailed in previous material. Stylish, edgy and catchy as f*ck, it looks like Seasfire's journey to recognition continues- and now with a little more bite.

Next up we have the fiery fury of London's freshest new rockers, Fake Club. Consisting of five fearless females, the explosive riffing and effervescent energy pulsating from their music is immense. This lot make the Spice Girls' take on 'Girl Power' look nothing more than a squeak on the musical map. 'Over and Over' is a fine introduction to their unmistakably ballsy sound, which one fan on YouTube duly pointed out sounds a little bit like the glorious chaos of Arctic Monkeys' 'The View From The Afternoon'. But rather than being another indie set, this lot are more deeply entrenched in the muck and filth of rhythm and blues- other tunes in their arsenal sounding befitting of a sleazy backstreet bar in downtown LA (in the most fabulous way of course.) If you like your ladies a little hot to handle, defo give this lot a shout.

We never expected to hear a Flock of Bats coming our way without being accompanied by screams of terror and a swift exit, but we find ourselves very pleasantly surprised in this case. Sam Williams' aforementioned flock sound nothing short of bloody lovely, and will most certainly be making our playlist for any dusky summer down time we have in the near future. Having perfected the warmth of acoustic instrumentals, it's the vocal that lends something particularly special to this new music discovery. We've decided it rests somewhere in between the glorious tones of Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Keaton Henson, so you can rest assured that this lot are top notch goosebump mongers. We can't wait to catch 'em in an intimate little venue sometime soon- but for now, enjoy this version of 'Submarine' as recorded in a recent BBC Introducing session.

As they made this week's Absolute Radio shortlist, it may come as no surprise that we're just a wee bit partial to those rockin' scots in Cherri Fosphate. But you know what, we want to just double check that you've heard 'Losing Teeth' no matter what happens...cos quite frankly, it's an utter tune. Coming at us like The Maccabees on steroids combined with the vocal twang of Frightened Rabbit, they're a heady mix on the heavier side of indie. To stuff this much groove into a strongly guitar driven track is always a cheeky little skill to have, and as a result they're gonna have your feet tapping from beginning to (rather abrupt) end with this tune. They're the latest act to come to our attention from the thriving scene North of the border, confirming the fact that the level of talent emerging from Scotland right now is utterly phenomenal. Do check them out.

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