Emerging Icons at The Paralympics - Day Ten: IC1s, Annaca and ODi

11/09/2012 10:57 BST | Updated 10/11/2012 10:12 GMT

IC1s may look like naughty little boys... and well, yes they kind of are. They're the embodiment of good old fashioned rock n' roll, but we know their hearts are always in the right place. We're sure that when they were told to put their cigarettes out and find a designated smoking area, the only reason they continued was because if that fag wasn't smoked, it could easily get into the hands of a small child or woodland creature. And when a certain member snuck off down a quaint dust path to have a piss near the gently babbling brook, it was only to make sure the wild flower garden got enough water in the roasting sunlight. But we did have to cover for him when a pleasant American family of four asked us if there was anything to see down that way. Erm...

However, IC1s brought much more than a bit of edge to the Olympic Park. These five London lads are exceptionally talented musicians, with an arsenal of tunes fit for any festival main stage. Slightly muting their usually louder, balls-out (public urinating aside) style brought a real level of emotion to their performance. Yeah, just cos they like beer and boobs doesn't mean they don't have feelings, you brute. Tracks like 'Beautiful Ugly' shone with a level of passion and sensitivity you wouldn't necessarily expect from Dan's gravel-tinged vocal, but the sincerety of those words reached far beyond the locality of our stage. Their music simultaneously captures the classic indie sound of the likes of Oasis, but also looks to move forwards with the progressive retro sounds that currently lead the genre.

As sure as Team GB winning Olympic Gold, Annaca were amazing as they returned to our stage. They went down so well on their first appearance that we just had to invite them back, bringing a touch of gypsy-style glamour to their audience (and we think the squaddies were quite pleased to see her back too...) Looking effervescent and outrageously striking in a long blue dress, Annaca's sense of drama and love for 'performance' will mean that she will never be anything but a hit with the crowds down here at the Games.

Completing our line-up for the day were sports fanatics ODi, fresh from Ireland that very morn. Consisting of just the two members with guitars, their sound is one of pure, simplistic beauty- organic and wandering, they take you on a journey through vast soundscapes and vocal whimsy. They produce a really intriguing sound that promises to coax you in and tell you more; the sweet harmonies creating layers of loveliness that wraps you up all warm and toasty. Their genuine interest in the Games really built a rapport with their audience, a dedication to Mo Farah in the shape of 'Superman' proving to be a particular hit. The duo were given the task of closing the stage for the Games, a re-working of Springsteen being the sweetest lullaby we've certainly ever heard.

The Paralympic Games have been an absolute triumph for so many reasons. From the admirable efforts of the tireless volunteers, the infectious energy flowing throughout the country and of course the incredible displays of commitment and strength by the paralympians themselves; it has been an event to be proud of. To have our artists performing at the heart of the Olympic Park has been an incredible experience to all of us involved, providing a unique global platform for our amazing new talent. Much like the athletes of London 2012, our musicians dedicate their lives to working to achieve their full potential; and all of us at Emerging Icons are so delighted to have been even partially instrumental in helping them on their way. It's been a great Games for all of us- the legacy of which will no doubt stretch even further than Seb Coe and Boris even thought. Thanks, London 2012. It's been a blast.