05/10/2012 07:51 BST | Updated 04/12/2012 05:12 GMT

Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 8 Oct-14 Oct 2012

Once again we've come up with a list of the top five gigs you just need to be going to if you know what's good for you.

We know you love new music just as much as we do- so support the emerging scene by getting yourself along to gigs. It's sometimes the only way to fully appreciate an artist... and of course it's good craic as well. Let these acts know if you're planning on going to their gig by following the links to their gig listings and hitting 'YES'- you want to attend. It'll then go on your personal calendar!

So here are the five gigs you simply can't miss this week...

Thursday 11 October

The Dark Lights at The Lock Tavern: Camden, London

Usually the best you can hope for in terms of getting booze, grooves and Australianness all in one night is either braving a trip to your local Walkabout or getting pissed then gyrating in front of your Sky-Plussed episodes of Neighbours. But wait! There's a much better option for you now, pal. Instead, get yourself along to Camden's delicious little nook The Lock Tavern for frivolity, electro loops and filthy beats courtesy of Aussie alt rockers The Dark Lights. Flirtation with indie notions means that any hipsters amongst you will feel most assuaged, whilst the flagrantly flailing dancers will have plenty of shapes to be throwing once they get going too. We'll be putting on our comfiest shoes and Crocodile Dundee hat for this one.

Friday 12 October

The Musgraves at Barfly: Camden, London

Looks like Camden really is the place to be this week as our buddies The Musgraves are popping into the Capital to bring some sparkle to the Barfly. This is the second week of their mini-tour in support of latest album release 'You That Way, I This Way' and we know that they'll still be on top form, fuelled by the power of their own poetic perkiness. We saw the benefits that their chirpy pop tunes brought to an overcast day in the Olympic Park this summer, so we can guarantee that they're going to make even the most stubbornly static of gig goers loosen up and have a good time. Channeling the feel-good vibes of the old school 'Fun Fun Fun'-loving types like The Beach Boys, you're guaranteed a good night out.

Saturday 13 October

Raphaella at The Assembly Hall: Islington, London

We've seen Raphaella performing in the Olympic Park, at her piano... we've even see her sing from a tree stump on a drizzly day in King's Cross. Every single time, this girl 'brings it' to the level that you could believe you were watching an established pop princess on a worldwide arena tour. With her chart-ready songwriting, outrageously gorgeous presence and that incredible voice, it really is only a matter of time before her name is as big as any other Number One female artist today. You really should take the chance to go and catch one of her at The Assembly Hall now... rather than waiting til you're sat in a stadium half a mile away from the stage. With her track 'Above The Water' due to appear on our upcoming Emerging Icons album things have never been more exciting for this artist...

Saturday 13 October

Dead Social Club at The Nest: Stoke Newington, London

If you'd prefer to be in the company of some indie ragmuffins this weekend, then maybe it's The Nest you ought to be heading for instead. Dead Social Club crept back on our radar recently when they were shortlisted for national airtime on Absolute Radio- so we're already rubbing our thighs at the prospect of witnessing a full set from this band. Theirs is a sound that's rich, complex and will give you butterflies in your tummy and shimmy in your limbs. Blending sexy aspects of electronica within the heady groove of their riff-laden rock gives you an effect that tastes a bit like The Rapture or old school Reverand And The Makers... and we like that. We like it a lot.

Sunday 14 October

Sound of The Sirens and Burnt Tomorrow at The Fiddler's Elbow: Camden, London

Sunday is made for chilling, but is also renowned as a day of indulgence. A night out at The Fiddler's Elbow this Sunday will offer you both in abundance. Not only are the vibes going to be outrageously laid back as stripped down acoustic tunes become the order of the day; but you also get to enjoy two Emerging Icons artists like the musical gluttons you are. Beautiful trio The Sound Of Sirens do for female-fronted folk what Destiny's Child did for RnB and torn swimwear. Their stunning songwriting will truly make your Sunday. Similarly, the creative hard rock dabblings that Burnt Tomorrow bring to the friendly face of folk will ensure an inspiring and altogether satisfying end to your weekend. DO IT.

Make sure you're back here next week to get the next Top Five Emerging Icons Live and you'll never have to go without a good gig again...